Metal Slug: The Ultimate History book

Went with the Limited edition because I’m a sucker for posters!

Surprised the price wasn’t more considering the gimmicky slip cover

How is this anything but a no-brainer for you? :sweat_smile:

I still want to acquire Metal Slug 4-6 on MVS/Atomiswave respectively as well as the second NGPC game in the series.

I’d rather allocate any Metal Slug funds toward the games in the series I don’t own as a higher priority. Loving this series is already a pretty expensive endeavor :sweat_smile:

Thank goodness I decided to do it on MVS instead of AES though. That wasn’t always the case.

But the book will have to wait until after I own the games. Trying to get them for a good deal.

Metal Slug 6 has been the biggest challenge. 4 has been offered for cheap, but I consider it the lowest priority of all the games.

Fair enough! I guess I just thought you’d already have the games :stuck_out_tongue: