Geeks-Line Gamecube Anthology - The Ultimate Book on Kickstarter

The new Geeks-Line anthology book kickstarter is back and this time its for the Gamecube. If you’re interested then check out the link below.


Just got the email about this as well. Early bird for the Ultimate edition sure sold out fast, but whatever. I loves me some box art collection books.

Love the N64 one I got but I’m just not too attached to the Gamecube (or Playstation 1 one) for me to contribute. Waiting patiently for the SNES one though.

I’m an absolute sucker for this stuff. Looking into it now!

Edit: fucking what? I guess I’m not getting it.

Yeah, I just found out about these and I’m holding off myself. It’s not as bad here but I really don’t want to pay $17+ to ship a single book. I’ll get it when it’s on Amazon for free Prime shipping, same for the N64 book which is right up my alley. These books look very well designed.

I have the N64 book and I’d highly recommend it.

Wish the ps1 one had the box art collection book as well. Only reason I went in on this kickstarter, what with the extra shipping cost.

Tempting. Very tempting.