JapanSoft: An Oral History - 7 Days to Go for Backing

Makers of those very nice MD and DC books we all seem to love. Nothing but quality and an understanding of what their customers want.

I backed a number of weeks ago and I’m really looking forward to it. They’re a couple thousand away from their goal so consider backing it as well. It Could be really nice!

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Dang, I would like to back this but $38 seems steep.

I don’t know, retro gaming magazines are in the $10-15 range each so I think $38 is reasonable given the (previewed) content/size. I’m not familiar with their previous books but they appear to be well reviewed.

I’ll take a closer look later and may back it.

ROM’s books are all really good so I support this. Was kinda waiting till it just went on sale on their site though since I never used that backing site before.

FYI this is a “best bits” distillation of the 3 volume “Untold History of Japanese Game Developers” by John Szczepaniak which was itself crowdfunded Kickstarter in 2013 and one I backed heavily.

That’s good news because those 3 volumes are heavy going for to their lack of editing and sub-optimal layout.

ROM have started their own crowdfunding site, Volume, for this book and an unrelated graphic design/typography book. That other book just had its deadline extended by 2 weeks which is singing I’ve never heard done before in crowdfunding.

Anyway, I’m all done with crowdfunding so I’ll maybe pick this up on Amazon after it is on general sale. Especially given that I already own the 3 volumes this is based on.