Metal Slug: The Ultimate History book

Got this email a few minutes, so incredibly hyped for this!

All that concept art and some of it’s never been seen before :o



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My reaction when I saw double page spreads with edge to edge pixel art.

For me, those are meant for the CRT. It’s the concept art, and hopefully, complete collection of marquees/marketing material that has me most interested.

Will this be complete in that regard? And are their books worth it? How’s the quality generally?

Gives me a metal slug if you know what I’m sayin’.

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Sure, it’s meant for CRT but I think for a book raw pixels are probably a better choice. For me there’s value in seeing how it’s put together before it hits a CRT also, things like how edge choices are executed, how the artists are implying surface texture and material before the CRT changes the look in a way that affects both implied texture and edges. I would have loved it if they then showed the same raw pixel art through various CRT displays but I think that could be another book in itself.

I’m most excited about seeing unreleased concept art and having it collected in one place in general, what’s been shown already is amazing and I love the production pipeline of that era, you don’t see mixed media used like that on games these days.

Not sure if it’ll be complete but their books are definitely worth it and their previous SNK related book, ‘Neo Geo: A Visual History’, is better than anything SNK put out themselves imo. Heavy paper stock with brilliant full-colour pages. A real labour of love.

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Quite interested in this book and the older SNK one especially which I think it is about time I picked up.

Nice bitmap books have free shipping within the UK unlike the read only memory books were you have to pay an additional £13 for postage on top of the already steep prices.

Did you see the Read Only Memory book where they printed all pixel art with a custom CRT shader they had created for them?

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Seconding this. They make good books and ship them very well. Corner protectors and all.

Looks incredible!

Looks beautiful!

More info here

Shader here:

I think this is included in RetroArch?

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It’s probably the greatest shader I’ve ever seen.

Man those books are beautiful… I love that they modeled the shader after the Commodore 1084 monitor.


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That’s neat. I hope we get stuff from the original “tank” verison of the game.

Tank version?

The game was originally set entirely in the tank. more info at A very detailled look at the history of Metal Slug, In the hunt and gunforce 2

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Pre-order is up:

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I’m clutching my wallet… decisions decisions…

I know mine took a hit today. Picked up the new extended edition Artcade book while I was at it.