Morph 4k - worth it for just HD consoles to 4k?

I’m not terribly annoyed by seeing my 1080p consoles on a 4k screen. But in my new setup, I’m only about 2 feet away from my 65” OLED.

Any additional cleaning up of the image via a true nearest neighbor upscale may be a good thing to add to the chain.

Has anyone tried the Morph 4k for this purpose? @VGEsoterica did a nice video focused on retro, but I’m more interested in how it makes switch, 360, PS3, and Wii U games look.


I have no idea but would note the PS3/360/Wii U very rarely render in 1080p, maybe it’s better setting their output to 720p for most games then scale that with the Morph?

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I think it’s a good option for that gen of consoles or other 720/1080p inputs if you want an integer with nearest neighbour. I’m very temped to go for one myself after the price drop.

I agree. My PS4 and 360 are set to 720p.

That’s a long video but I’ll give it a view when I can.

I find it odd that this thing has almost zero coverage and already a price drop. Maybe there’s no demand for it.

I would’ve thought the DF or MLiG guys would’ve been all over it.

@VGEsoterica if you ever need ideas for content, I’d be down for an off screen comparison of how older HD consoles look on a 4k display with this vs without.

I’ll have more Morph vids soon. VGP just sent me an OSSC to do a passthrough mode vid. I may be the only one making Morph content? Not sure why. It’s a good product. So is Tink obv. So I’m happy to do vids on both

I’m looking forward to getting one of these for MiSTer and 360 and mini consoles - plus the eventual analog addon. Also considering a internal Gem HDMI for N64, a friend installed one and a PS1 one and they look great.

I think someone from PixelFX said some mean things on Twitter once? So they lost the co-sign of the “influential” retro taste makers.

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