N64 Reset Issue

Hello. I’ve been having an issue with my N64 lately where it will randomly reset after a few minutes of gameplay. I googled this and some people said it may be the ram expansion pack failing, but it didn’t seem like they really knew. I was hoping someone in this wonderful retro community may have experienced this too and what worked for them? Should I just buy a new ram pack or maybe I should just get a new N64?

I guess you don’t have the original Jumper Pack to try before you try another RAM pack? Just be careful pulling them out, if you have the tool (see https://www.nintendo.co.jp/n01/n64/option/kakucyop/index.html) you’ll be fine but if not, use something soft to remove the pack or else you can warp the edge of the casing.

It could also be the power supply. Sometimes it doesn’t quite stay connected properly and gets loose over time.

If you’re wanting to test it out you can jam a piece of cardboard or something in there to make the connection tighter and see if it doesn’t fix it.

Also reset button possibly?

N64s typically do not have computer malfunctions, so cracking it open and checking/cleaning all connectors would most likely deal with it.

The reset button is really easy to check if faulty too, you just need a “Nintendo” screwdiver to get into the N64 (same screwdriver can used on old MD/Genesis cartridges ).

Here’s two pics from when I cleaned out on of mine. The reset button is the white one on the right side:

Photo 02-04-2016, 19 47 33

Photo 01-04-2016, 18 24 23

Sounds like an overheating issue. Be sure not to cover all the ventilation holes when you use it. My N64 tends to experience resetting issues when I haven’t used it in a while (More than a few month). Might be due to dust or something. I’d recommend you take out the expansion pack first and give it a clean with some compressed air or let the slot air out a bit. If problem still persists then open up the console with a gamebit screwdriver and give it a good clean.

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By the way, do we have a dedicated thread for N64? I’ll make one if not.

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Nope and please do!!

Cool. I got this

SEIK did the original N64 OT but he hasn’t responded to me so at this point I think you are more then welcome to fill his spot!

Thanks to everyone for all the responses. I’ll try everything this week/weekend and report back. I really appreciate the input.

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