New vita exploit finally adds support for newest firmware

My release launch date 64GB is working like a champ after all those years.

Those memory cards were always kind of garbage. Copying things to them took a stupidly long amount of time. I still have no regrets with buying the 32gb card at launch. I hated switching memory cards with the psp.

Just an update on this, I just successfully hacked my Vita running the latest firmware 3.70! It’s nothing like the hack shown in the original post of this thread, but it’s still not a difficult process.

The hack is called Trinity, and it’s by a person named TheFlow.

Here’s the page that describes how to do it:

And a YouTube video that runs through the same process in case you get stuck:

And finally a photo of my vita on 3.70, running VitaShell.

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Vita means life!

Has switch taken over as peoples mobile emulator?

I think for a lot of people, for sure. For now, I’m keeping my switch stock.

Guess I should look into it either way even if I’m doing the same. Got a launch model but have been keeping the firmware updated so don’t even know if I’m locked out of doing stuff to it, but gonna keep it stock till a new one comes I think.

Just picked up a Vita, again. This makes it my fourth over time! All sold after a while.

Goal is to use it for emulation, plus the odd retail/download game I’ve bookmarked since my last Vita.

Any recommendations as to the best setup?

(I’ve only added hencore2 + VitaShell so far.)

Don’t know what firmware you’re on, but install vitadeploy

So you can easily downgrade to 3.65 and install enso. After that, you should install the recommended plugins like Itls 2.0, nondpdrm, repatch, shellbat, psvshell, vitagrafix and 0syscall6.

Just done VitaDeploy 3.65+enso — cheers!

Not able to FTP connect for some reason to add the plugins. One for another day.

I also have an SD2Vita with 64GB MicroSD plus an original 16GB Vita memory card. Need to look into what to do there.

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Best way is to connect via vitashell and download stuff via USB, sometimes have issues when FTPing.

Sweet! That works well.