Dreamcast USB-GDROM apparently has self-expiring firmware

Just saw this blowing up in my Twitter feed. Glad I went with a GDEMU clone, this looks like a nightmare:


Yikes that’s pretty gross. Makes me wonder if other places have done similar things.

According to the dev, he’ll be releasing a new firmware to remove the expiry at the end of June.

Scary though.

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Wow, not a good look even if no one has been affected. I’ve considered a purchase for my VA0 Dreamcast with a dead drive, but now I’d be better off picking up a VA1 and a GDemu.

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What the hell? I wouldn’t buy from that person ever. Even just implementing such a thing is scummy.

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This is where I’m at. I own a GDEmu thankfully but if he provided something that I needed I would avoid it

Wtf??? Self expiring firmware??? Yuck!

It’s to offer suicide battery simulation for CPS2 ports.

You guys just aren’t hardcore enough.

So the consensus is that the Chinese knockoffs are identical except for the lack of firmware updates (and suicide)?

If so, this guy probably won’t be tolerated for a whole lot longer. Or until he invents something else as a way to complain more.