New vita exploit finally adds support for newest firmware

Not exactly retro, but I figured the intention was to run homebrew and emulators, so some of you may be interested in this:

It’s not released yet, but it’s nice to finally see that the latest firmware is finally going to be usable for us retro nerds.


Mighty fine faucet indeed.

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Amazing. I’ve never used a faucet to hack a console before.


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ROFL whoops I’ve fixed it.

edit: This is what happens when you stop in the middle of ordering faucets for work, to post something to RGB.


Well, this certainty makes all the used Vitas I see for sale even more interesting. I’ve been hesitant to have yet another system, but this may tip the scales. Is this the kind of CFW that Sony will instaban you if you ever go online with it? (Ala PS3). Or would I be able to use my standard PSN account with it safely?

Oh, probably. I have no intention of using the online features of a VITA at all. I just want to have a few physical games and be able to use it for emulation.

Oh this is when I love being able to see original posts. Should I revert it back to the faucet ? LMAO

Sony has never banned anyone for using a hacked console but obviously that can change at the drop of a hat. I was just talking about how great a hacked vita is !

Are you sure Sony hasn’t banned anyone in the past? The PS3 thread over at Era had everyone paranoid and warning people about going online with CFW.

I’m not sure of anything but I do follow the scene semi closely and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting banned for cfw.

That said it’s common sense to use a spare device for hacking.

And the micro SD adapter.

I went and updated my legit vita to the latest fw and looks like my 32gb SD card and the copy of umvc3 that was in it are both dead. Doing some googling and this is seemingly becoming a common issue.

+1 for a hacked vita.

That’s crazy…I also have a 32gb card in mine, got it because a while back people were noticing the 64gb ones were falling like flies…

Perhaps the 32gb cards are hitting their “expiration dates”… What a preposterous situation, especially considering how overpriced they were compared to regular flash cards, which don’t seem to have a laughably short shelf life.

OK, that’s enough complaining from me for today! Hahahaha :blush:

The memory card reliability really emphasises the limitations surrounding save files on the platform.

My 64GB card died about a year and a half after I got mine in 2016. Lost all my saves since the last backup a long time before. I regret going digital for most of my Vita games because of how the save files are tied to the game files.

Deleting a game means losing your save unless you back up the entire game (but then restoring entire 1-3GB games massively increases the writes done to the card) or subscribe to PS Plus full time.

I’m back on a 16GB card with only a small fraction of my library on it, but I did end up rebuying a few games boxed. I’m more annoyed about losing something like a couple of hundred hours of progress across my games though.

Sony just really dropped the ball on Vita Memory cards, high prices and seemingly cheap shoddy memory chips. I would be so pissed if I had spent the money on a 64gb card to have it die just a couple of years later. I mostly used the 4GB card that came with my ACIII Liberation bundle, and an 8GB one I got down the road.

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Gah I have a 64gb card. Haven’t turned on my vita in 2 years or so though. I’m scared to even try it.

I’m all digital on it too :disappointed:

Me too. Yikes, I paid up for mine too.

Edit: think this’ll be usable on pstv as well?

I’ve had my 32gb card since launch and have had no issues with it

So far all the exploits have been compatible with pstv

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Would love to hear your report. My 64gb got fucked after a long while away. Haven’t touched the system since.

I haven’t used my 64gb card since I upgraded to a 200gb microsd card a year or two ago but thankfully it does still seem to work.

I remember when the vita first came out, people were claiming the reason the memory card prices were so high was because Sony was using “extremely high quality flash memory” – more like extremely cheap.