TerraOnion FPGA Direct Tomorrow

Supposedly they’re launching a new product tomorrow. Anyone know what it’ll be?

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No idea. A consolized CPS2 would be my dream though.

Well, the HD System 3 looks pretty sweet!

Anybody know the change notes for the MODE 1.05 firmware?

Here’s the changelog, sorry for the wall of text…

1.05 R02

  • [SAT] Fix POSTGAP tag handling in .cue
  • [SAT] Support oversized discs larger than standard allowed by saturn (65min), mainly used by translation patches.
  • [SAT] Fix multi-index track sometimes playing incorrect tracks or looping
  • [SAT] Update fastboot/boot to cd game database
  • [SAT] Add Fast Forward/Rewind commands. So far only seem to be used in the cd player.
  • [PSX] Fix PREGAP tag handling in single bin discs.
  • [PSX] Send game ID to Memory card pro & PS1 Digital.
  • [PSX] Improve protection signal sequence. Reduces the rate of boot to menu being stuck in PS logo screen.

1.04 R02

  • [PSX] Playstation 1 support!! (Check MODE user manual for compatibility and required adapter boards).
  • [DC/SAT] Support >2TB drives
  • [DC/SAT] Add proper names for PSX firmware in the updater screens
  • [DC/SAT] Fix game disc queue was limited to 7 instead of 8 games
  • [DC] Fix 1st track pregap miscalculation in multisession discs using .cue (fixes “The Escapee” and “Rush Rush Rally” dumps)
  • [DC] Fix Stupid Invaders not booting
  • [SAT] Add support to backup and restore the internal save memory (in options menu, it saves to SATBACKUP.BUP at the root of the SD card). The backup operation is a bit slow (around 2 minutes) so be patient.
  • [SAT] Add public interface for accessing files in the SD card. Needed for backup save tools.

1.03 R02

  • [SAT] Fix CDDA noise added by previous version in a few saturn models.
  • [SAT] Fix Virtua Photo Studio and Ninja Hayate hanging or returning to cd player.
  • [SAT] Fix loading an audio CD getting stuck in MODE menu for around 30 seconds when launching
  • [SAT] Add more games incompatible with fastboot to the internal game list
  • [ALL] Disable disk cache flush command that seem to cause issues in certain HDD models
  • [ALL] Fix logo screen version display showing R number in hexadecimal
  • [DC] Fix some games stuck in “cover loading” in cover view

1.02 R10

  • [ALL] Add an option to show HDD information (if HDD is not detected, insert also a SD card so you can access options)
  • [ALL] Allow specification of per game flags via MODE.CFG
  • [ALL] Fix CD order handling in multidisc games
  • [ALL] Fix games with long names and no spaces hanging the menu when scrolling the game list.
  • [ALL] Fix multiple line descriptions in cover view.
  • [ALL] Force hard disk cache flush after scanning for games
  • [ALL] Support browsing menu with gamepads on any port
  • [DC] Fix NBA Showtime (and probably others) audio.
  • [DC] Add an option to enable soft reset combo (ABXY+Start) return to MODE menu. If it’s enabled, Reset Input behavior option is always Reset to MODE
  • [DC] Add fast load option, to skip the bios boot animation and shorter license screen time.
  • [DC] Fix seek time and speed throttle being applied even if sector was in the cache
  • [DC] Fix some .CDI files not working if they had file pointers to the 1st session
  • [DC] Improve PIO read speed
  • [SAT] Additional fixes for remaining noise in CDDA
  • [SAT] Fast boot mode. Boot games without going through boot animation. It loads games without bios intervention. If you find any issue (license screen hang for example), try with fast boot off and in game reset off.
  • [SAT] Fix Auto Video Signal Pin switching based on region not working.
  • [SAT] Fix a remaining issue in CCD parsing in Saturn
  • [SAT] Fix in FPGA for consoles having very slow reads or random crashing when loading.
  • [SAT] Fix noise when playing beyond the last track.
  • [SAT] Fix some hanging issues with games with a single data track.
  • [SAT] Fix some issues with ImgBurn generated .cue files
  • [SAT] In game reset direcly to MODE menu (ABC+Start in most games). This option also enables fast boot mode when used. Some games don’t fully support it, so sometimes games may go to a black screen instead of booting to MODE.
  • [SAT] In game reset to MODE menu through the CD player. This is a more compatible return mode than direct load to MODE menu. When doing the softreset combo, you’ll be taken to the cd player, when pressing “Start Application”, MODE menu will boot instead. This also makes the console reset button reboot to MODE menu (through the cd player too) without any additional wiring.
  • [SAT] Make Pseudo Saturn Kai reset combo reboot to MODE menu if the reset input signal option is set to boot to MODE.
  • [SAT] Pressing B to cancel the disc selection when loading the game from the cover description caused broken graphics.
  • [SAT] Start CDDA with buffered silence sectors to try to fix audio pop on CDDA start

NOTE: If you have a Pseudo Saturn cartridge or any cartridge with its own loader or soft reset code, it’s recommended disabling fastboot and soft reset in MODE so it doesn’t interfere with the cartridge normal loading and reset.


Awesome, thanks!

Do you know what I would have liked to have been release, a cable to allow the 3DS to be played on a TV. It can be done because Nintendo had their very own cable solution just never released it to the public.

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There have been some capture devices that do this, but nothing plug and play.

That’s true but the company that made them closed down a few years ago. But it isn’t ideal because a PC is needed :cry:.

Gotcha. Good point.

I’d want a similar thing for Vita too without needing to use a PSTV

Heck, it would be cool to output a DS to a monitor or two as well while we’re at it.

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With DS we do have an option with the Nitro Dev kits. I’ve had 3 of those in the past. At one time they were quite cheap in Japan until the international community got word of them. Then they all started with their stupid Ebay level bidding which drove the price up x3 :sob: