Thanks I could have used those hints haha. I did conquer Quicksand Valley eventually though but I haven’t beat Ninja Park. Those credits were so long!


ya’ll seen this thing? i know the stock one’s not everybody’s favorite controller


Those look pretty awesome. MJR did a pretty decent review of it.


Analogue z trigger and that low A button placement makes this a non-starter for me.


He also mentioned the issue with the L button interfering with the thumbstick, but it seems like Retro Fighters are already working on a fix. What that means yes, I’m not sure… hopefully they can just ship out a replacement button or something, and the users can install it themselves.


The L button interfering with the analog stick sounds bad, but… no N64 game ever asks you to use those two together, right? I mean, you couldn’t even reach the L button while using the stick with the regular controller.


Yeah that’s a good point.


I put in a pre-order for one of those today after watching that video, but it seems like it might be a while:


Yeah I considered ordering one a few days ago but decided against it. I don’t play enough N64 to justify a unique controller for it.


same, and the games i do revisit, i’m really used to the weird setup of the stock controller, haha


The brawler looks great. I would have got one if I wasn’t so damn happy with the Raphnet GameCube adapters!


I use my N64 primarily to play Mischief Makers, so those 6 face buttons are super important.


The A and B button placement are what worries me the most. I’d have to have one in my hands before committing to buy it because of that. Everyone loved the WiiU pro controller, but I could never get use to it because of how offset the face buttons were. Only game I ever played on it was Mario WiiU because the top row did the same action as the lower row and they wern’t as low.


I couldn’t order one even if I wanted - they don’t accept orders outside of the US. Happy with my Wavebird/Gamecube adapter setup anyway. Works great.

Still can’t get over just how crisp the image from my N64 is now via the UltraHDMI I installed:


Is that with de blur enabled? That looks really nice!


Yep! It’s like putting on glasses.

Edit: I don’t wear glasses, but I assume it’s what it’s like


Nice ! I really need to play around with the codes for my everdrive and see how it looks.


I played with the codes. I’ve never got it looking that good. @rich more pics please. :slight_smile:


This is not something you’ll get with the codes…

The N64 actually applies two forms of AA. One is the initial stage which is applied in-game to textures. This is what the Everdrive or Action Replay can disable. The second run of AA is applied by the framebuffer to the entire image. The UltraHDMI uses some math trickery to reverse the effect.

Combine both and you get a super sharp image!

I’ll take some more photos later. The one above is only with the UltraHDMI deblur, not the Everdrive code!


I say god damn. Welp time to look into getting this.