480i Screenshot thread of two fields become one

Thought it would be good to have a 480i thread since it can have a very different look to 480p and in some cases 480i is the only option for those games
14" Trinitron - Wii+RGB Scart:

Probably my favourite thing right now is 5th gen emulation for 3D games at 480i and how appropriate it feels, for 6th gen consoles a lot of the art and assets look quite good scaled up x2 or more but for the 5th gen even taking 240p 3D titles to 480p exposes too much and renders unwanted artifacts into sharp relief. Enter the middle ground of 480i! The grille/masks of a consumer set with low to mid TVL and you got something that feels ‘authentic’, authentic in the sense that some home arcade ports ran at ‘480i’ in the arcades and that even a handful of games on those home console systems ran at 480i which gives a glimpse at a “what if all 3D 5th gen games ran at 480i”. Not all games benefit, obviously, but usually games that have a camera that points into the distance, for example racing games, as opposed to some isometric view point where everything is rendered close to the camera. In the case of the PS1, with it’s capacity for great texture variety and resolution (compared to the N64), it’s amazing seeing this handicap lifted.
10" Slot mask - Duckstation 480i shots

Ridge Racer Revolution looks incredible and really closes the gap on the Arcade iterations, seeing a corner resolve earlier from a distance on the track is a literal game changer, definitely helps gameplay in a tangible way. One game where I wasn’t sure of if I liked the extra res is Silent Hill, particularly the monsters where I think the vagueness enhances the horror and fear even if I felt interior locations looked better.

If you want to try shooting some interlaced images try 1/30 shutter speed for 60fps and 1/15 for 30fps (I think the 1/15 speed was better for 30fps, could be wrong)


I’m pretty sure silent hill uses 480i only for the menus

You misunderstand me, I’m talking about emulation there.

10" Slot mask - Duckstation 480i shots

Those Pac-Man decals are extremely hard to see at 240p (actually not sure if they’re visible at all), I think I only noticed them once I started using 480i.
Not perfectly aligned but you sort of get the idea how billboards resolve earlier at 480i vs 240p

It’s hard to capture what the extra res does in Silent Hill but in motion 480i undermines the monsters, you can see the segmented polygons more obviously, the textures do look great though, like the wings here are using a nice texture that holds up well at x2

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Oh yeah, it really varies from game to game what looks best. I usually prefer rendering at 2x or 4x native and using downsampling. You should try beetle-psx-hw sometime with the adaptive filtering and downsampling. With silent hill I’m also a bit torn about the higher res because the original low-res and dithering combo gave the game a certain gritty look that gets lost rather quickly at higher res and 32bit color…

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Here’s some Ocarina of Time running at 480i with Mupen64plus and the ParaLLEl renderer which accurately emulates the N64 RDP, running at 2x original internal resolution.


Agreed, I thought I would have 100% preferred the higher colour-bit depth on Silent Hill but the dithering is quite appealing and supports the art and theme of the game. I still need to check it out with composite and real hardware! Very much agreed on certain settings varying from game to game, for example Colin McCrae Rally is kind of hideous, the textures are just noise and so it’s the only game, that I’ve encountered so far, where some texture filtering works to blunt that harsh mess of pixels.

I love that the UI looks perfect here! Post more shots if you have them

I tried a few N64 games bumped up to 480i, and you get that nice advantage of better clarity at distance but interestingly enough it feels less of a leap over PS1 being bumped to 480i from 240p, I think the impressionistic textures of the N64 don’t benefit too much which is kind of a silver lining in that it retains that N64 aesthetic really well. I’ve always snubbed the GameCube and Wii VC N64 ports for being 480i but I think they’re rather great now.

F-Zero X at 480i60 + better colour depth (none of those huge dithered patterns) is god-like

Just digging through my image archive as I can’t currently make new shots due to hardware setup circumstances. Ridge Racer 4 is one of those games where I actually prefer bilinear filtering enabled for the 3d elements. Together with 2x internal res and PGXP precision fixes, it gives a great image.


Love PGXP and using double the internal res is fantastic, I think I saw only minor benefit to x3 internal res, some games I couldn’t notice any difference between x2 and x3.

PSP broken out of it’s picture frame!
10" slot mask CRT - PPSSPP emulator

I actually tried 272p progressive and whilst it was expected it would cut off and drop the refresh it looked amazing, interlaced PSP is still awesome though . PSP games are interesting in that there can be a vast difference in texture quality in the same game, like in Ridge Racers you can see they skimmed on headlight textures and some areas of the car, and wisely spent texture budget on road/roadside textures. I think PSP probably looks good on both 480i and 480p. 480i on a consumer set definitely does the better job on aiding low-res textures I feel.

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you can always run psp at 240p and crop the top and bottom 16 pixels. Not the most elegant, but quite a few games can get away with it probably… or how many active lines you can manage to squeeze into a 60hz modeline by cutting front/back porch to as low as possible. depends on your CRT how far you can push that. Toggle your CRT to 16:9 squeeze mode, and you’re good to go after that…

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The only game I’ve done this with is a The Italian Job on GC which I supersampled up X2 or x3 and then back down to 480p. Looked phenomenal.

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Majora’s Mask via the Wii’s Virtual Console. for whatever reason, N64 games don’t run in native res, but in 480p/I. I think it does the Zelda games a world of good though, as they’re kind of muddy on original hardware


@Gravitone Might be the way to go for 2D games, currently my CRT with widescreen function is out of rotation but something to try in the future

@matt That sounds awesome, super sampling is fantastic, big fan of using it and I bet it looks great on your EDTV

@akumagorath Yo awesome shots, are those progressive or interlaced? I need to try Zelda. They look better than any of those youtube vids of people pushing N64 emulation to 1080p+HD textures etc no hate, just super ultra res for older systems isn’t my cup of tea


the virtual console on Wii uses HLE emulation for n64 games, just like early pc emulators. This basically renders the n64 graphics primitives using modern api’s, which doesn’t look anything remotely like how the n64 RDP renders things. The only accurate way to do this is using ParaLLEl which emulates the full RDP hardware as a compute shader on the GPU.

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Can this be done with GSM on real hardware?

Hmm could maybe play around.

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agreed, it’s upscaled for sure but maybe like 2X? it’s super crisp but it doesn’t look like those weird HD texture/upscales you see on youtube. I think the OoT Master Quest on the GC looks similar if I’m not wrong

wish I had other N64 games to try, MM was the only one I bought back in the day

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I don’t think so, would be amazing if you could

@akumagorath I skipped all of them on Wii VC, would have enjoyed them at the time but PC emu scene is pretty good…also those decompiles/native ports coming down the line!

Mega Man Powered Up - 10" slot mask CRT - PPSSPP x2 internal - 480i

RE4 GC version - 10" slot mask CRT - Dolphin x2 internal - 480i

It’s hilarious how bad this runs on my ancient GPU (HD 5450) if I use x2 internal resolution, it’s a steady 6fps lol but the game looks insane on a consumer set. There are assets that hold up at 720p but 480i feels really authentic and helps with certain elements like compressed textures and low-poly props (e.g distant tree branches). I will never get bored of how enemies react to getting hit in different parts of their body, just legendary stuff alongside GoldenEye. A ‘true 480i’/downsampled presentation really brings out the details of facial expressions and things like veins.


Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 (English Patch) - 10" slot mask CRT - PPSSPP emulation - 480i

I love that you can map the D-Pad camera controls to the right analog stick, feels so nice compared to a real PSP

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Tomb1Main (PC) - 10" slot mask CRT


What’s the best way to photograph 480i? I’m guessing some sort of slow shutter speed setting?