It’s just amazing how good Zelda’s devs are at creating subtle homages to previous games. I don’t know of another series that does it as well.


Here’s an interesting piece of kit. I can’t help but wonder why he didn’t make it accept Bluetooth controllers instead of the sub par, proprietary, 360 controller ?


That’s pretty nifty, built in game-pak saving too. Mapping the N64’s irregular octagon analog range to the circular 360 stick might feel a bit weird in some games?

On a different note, I was googling about the ENKKO kickstarter for replacement n64 sticks and bowls and it seems the guy has left people high and dry, it’s been 3 years according to comments! Interestingly enough someone mentioned Kitsch Bent selling parts in the comments:

I found a reddit thread about the parts saying it’s fairly decent with a slightly loose Y axis and gears feeling a bit choppy at first/needing a wider gear hole as possible negatives. Anybody here tried them?


I’ve been trying to give the StarFox series another shot and figured it would be well worth getting a copy of StarFox 64 on the cheap:


So, I’ve been playing Space Station Silicon Valley lately. My two year old loves wathing me play games, and a couple of days ago I asked her what system she wanted me to play: she pointed to the N64 with a resounding “DIS ONE!”

I went searching through my games to find something she’d like watching, and went with Space Station Silicon Valley, as it was bright and cartoony, had lots of animals, and I had never played it before.

It’s a puzzle platformer, where you have to complete objectives on each stage. You play as the lone surviving chip from a robot that crash landed on the station. However, you can “possess” the various animals that wander the stage, each with their own abilities: the dog can bite enemies, the sheep can float for a few moments after a jump, etc… There’s also the token collectibles in each stage (of course!), and other hidden things to find.

The game is a whole heck of a lot of fun! The camera controls are actually some of the best on the N64, in my opinion, and the levels are just short enough that I can play one or two with my daughter while still limiting her screen time. Highly recommended.


I might have to give this one a go - I passed on curios like it, Glover, Body Harvest, and Rocket: Robot on Wheels back in the day. Are those worth checking out too?


I guess the Virtual-Boy (codename VR 32) could have taken that space. When it moved from being a wearable to a standalone table-top device they had a chance to improve the processing power of the device but didn’t.

Otherwise the late Super Famicom stuff (A Fire Emblem released in early 2000 in Japan I think) and Game Boy Advance definitely filled in that gap, with the lack of storage space making a lot of games free of bloat by design. Wario Land 4 looks phenomenal.


Been playing the Japanese version of Goemon while using a video guide. Yeah, I can see why this was patched out


One of my faves on the console. I did the same as well last year. The best part is you don’t need English knowledge that much even


That symbol certainly causes the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up… especially as a Jewish person (ps happy new year to all my fellow Jewish people who may be reading this!). But it is commonly used in certain parts of the world in ways that has nothing to do with Nazis, especially in eastern countries. It predates WWII by centuries.

Still, that is exactly why localization is often proper and necessary when bringing games over from Japan. That wouldn’t fly in the West.


I’ve always preferred its sidescrolling followup. What a soundtrack!

Edit: Didn’t realise until now that it received an arrangement for the DS game

But it’s a pity Konami never went back to the style of gameplay from the first, there’s a lot they could improve on.


Yup. I’m a Hindu and we have a similar symbol that’s been there for ages. The four arms of it have a lot of positive meaning behind it but the Nazis hijacked it and unfortunately turned it into a symbol of hate. Sucks that a symbol thats easily over thousands of years old can be changed by group of hateful people.


I must say, as someone who grew up mainly with the ps1, I’m pretty shocked at how clear everything looks on a crt. Most people talk about n64 being a blurry mess.


I think that usually comes from the N64’s small texture cache, but really, most of the textures look fine given the rendering resolution of 320 x 240, and smarter developers used smart tiling to hide those limitations.

It’s a bit similar to how the PS1’s lack of Z-buffer (leading to warping polygons) is better hidden on a CRT I think - on the crystal clear handheld displays on PSP or Vita it’s super distracting. Despite their small size!


The PAL N64 through composite really is a blurry mess though, even on CRTs. Maybe that’s where the reputation came from originally.

I remember a few years ago I saw a US N64 running GoldenEye on a CRT and was amazed over how clear it looked. I was sure it was using s-video but nope, just regular composite. I don’t know what they did but they fucked up the composite output badly on the PAL models somehow. Using an s-video cable made for PAL systems makes everything super clear though, thankfully.


This just popped up locally on Facebook Marketplace. Complete N64 NTSC set. They’re looking for $4000.


Wow. If I could somehow justify that I would probably buy it. My N64 games are all 50hz PAL. Was disappointed to find the conversion on Mystical Ninja 2 wasn’t perfect - no black bars at least.


Wow Mystical Ninja 64 2 sounds like that? I need to sit down with it after halloween is over.


Sounds overpriced by about $2,500 in my humble opinion.

N64 library has some of the best games of all time, but you could do better by buying the quality stuff separately for a few hundred, then the cheap shovelwear in lots. Especially for a loose collection.


Yup, that is what makes this so overpriced. Seems like a good attempt to hook someone looking for an instant collection.