So, it’s been a while, and Retro Fighters N64 controllers have been out for a while now. I’m really tempted to pick a couple of them up.

Those of you that have them, what do you think? Are they worth it? Give me your thoughts.



I bought 2 and neither is able to properly read or write to memory paks. Sometimes they can read files but I’ve not been able to save anything using them. I’ve read this is fixed but it wasn’t my experience so I’m just using them for games that save to the cart.

They feel good enough quality and the stick works well. I prefer them over using the raphnet adaptor as it has 6 face buttons and I couldn’t get used to playing FPS games with the GCN sticks flipped in function to how modern games play although I can use the C buttons just fine.

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Man… I just checked eBay for some N64 games for the first time in a while and it looks like it’s flooded with bootlegs. Damn.

Anyone know of some reputable sellers?



Just pay attention to the listings, can avoid fakes pretty easily.



Any specific things I should look out for?



Just the usual, crappy label art pretty universally



#EverDrive-64 OS update V2.13
Changed menu vido mode and all controllers now works in menu

The 480i menu was super annoying.

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Finally. This is a huge upgrade! A screen full of interlaced text was not alot of fun.

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I just played some N64 as a little break from my Chrono Cross playthrough.

Going from months absorbed in a PS1 RPG to a first party N64 game is sort of a revalation. It feels like Nintendo really grasped how to design games in the 3rd dimension better than anyone, up until Halo CE came out and rewrote the book on how such games should work on a console.

Everything in Ocarina of Time just feels so well executed. They could’ve just made another Zelda game with an overhead perspective and called it a day, but instead they made something that felt so cinematic during every moment of the adventure.

And their decisions to use real time cutscenes just seem to age better and be more forward thinking than the then-popular approach to use prerendered CGI movies that plagued the PS1.

The minimal use of prerendered backgrounds was also a wise choice that made the games feel far more 3-dimensional and interactive too.

It’s kind of miraculous that they got so much right back then.



Mario 64 still blows my mind. How they completely nailed 3d movement and/in 3d space in way that still stands up today is amazing. It’s one of those things that is easy to overlook without the perspective of how much unknown ground it was going into.



Agreed!! It’s amazing what this console was able to do back in 1996 and for only $199.



I still really appreciate the immediacy of Nintendo 64 games. It’s great that the very distinct set of limitations and capabilities the console had made for a distinct flavour and approach to game design compared with the different limitations and capabilities of the PS and Saturn.

I’ll never tire of Mario 64, the physics and controls are just perfect for playful experimentation in almost every area of the game (swimming is a bit dull by comparison but the music makes up for it)

Is The New Tetris still worth playing by the way? I’m finding Wetrix (nothing to do with Tetris) interesting too - never picked up many puzzle games for my N64 outside of Panel de Pon.



Take a look at Tetrisphere if you already haven’t. Other than the original Tetris I think this one is the best.



I haven’t, will add it to the list. From the name I wonder if it has anything in common with 3D Tetris on the Virtual Boy despite being by a different developer.



I am replaying OoT for the first time on the original hardware and I totaly agree with you (Peltz, sorry).
I’ve tried it once on 3DS but I’m not fan of the new DA.
On N64 the finish of the visual is still wonderful on CRT.
I am amazed by the feeling delivered by the ground’s texture, the visual effect when it scrolls is a piece of art.
I believe there’s something very unique in some N64 games with the rendering of the space, an alchimie between the lowpoly, those textures, the scaling, the 4/3… Immersive and dreamlike.

My two cents on the inspiration of the opening :

There’s even what could have inspired the fairy theme at 2:28.
Kondo initially planed to use Boléro of Maurice Ravel as the original Legend of Zelda theme (and the famous result is pretty close I guess), so maybe.

By the way some messages on Mario 64 have spark it off again, I must give him a chance.



Oh yeah, I like to mention that my N64 is RGB modded as well. I need to try more games on it for Youtube.