Nintendo Direct 3/8/2018

I don’t know, I was a bit underwhelmed. I am ready for Nintendo to take the Old 3DS outback and shoot it in the head. Especially, with 2 of my favorite games being ported to it. I just don’t enjoy playing on the thing anymore but there are games that are still coming that appeal to me. It makes me double sad that Luigi’s mansion isn’t likely getting ported to the Switch via VC or other means since they want to sell this 3DS game instead.

Speaking of ports and remakes. Nintendo needs to be a lot more timely with these games. I am not likely going to buy Crash Trilogy, Okami or Darksouls due to being late (and not in 4K). The portable thing is way more important to me when I am playing RPGs or Nintendo Exclusive titles(I have been playing Skyrim on switch and I definitely think that is the way to play it). Okami might be worth it on the Switch since that game is pretty long.

I don’t care much for Arms, Hyrule Warriors (or any Musou games) or Splatoon so the line up was also a bit underwhelming. I bought Toad for Wii U and didn’t really play it so I don’t expect I will buy it for 3DS or Switch.

However, Mario Tennis Aces looks awesome. I am not sure what I think yet for Octopath Traveler yet. I can’t put my finger on if I will love it or not. The game looks like a Kawika-Ass-game but I am still iffy on the art direction. I never played Undertale so this might be time to finally pick it up. I just keep thinking I should play Mother 3 instead of this game.

If you are in Japan you got to see a new SaGa game, Phantasy Star Online 2 & Rhythm Tengoku. Seriously Nintendo, I want those here too.

What did everyone else think?

I am waiting for that collectors edition to pop up for preorder somewhere. Also I lol’d at Dark Souls amiibo unlocking a gesture you get in the game anyway. yet imma still get it…

Love the switch but for multi-platform games I’ve still been buying games on ps4. So all the ports are a pass as much as I like the games. Smash bit at the end was pretty good. Just a little teaser. Will be doing Hyrule Warriors as I love complete versions of games and I love musou games, so it’s a win win for me.

I too am butthurt over moonland’s additional games. Still no PSO2. :c

Edit: How could I forget; Travis Strikes Again. Really hope it’s a full Suda game since the last one he did fully was NMH1 and it was amazing. Second game had it’s moments but was really lacking.

I am VERY interested in Mario Aces and Mario Ware. That’s about it for me from this direct.

Unfortunately gamestop exclusive. Maybe Play Asia or Amazon Japan will have it. I not paying a premium for that thing.

Me too. I loved NMH1 but I didn’t care to play NMH2. I don’t know it was kind of a time and place thing for NMH for me. Maybe the new game will be good. I am keeping an open mind. All Suda games look cool to me but some are good and some aren’t so I’m hoping it’s the former.

Confirmed? God dammit. Literally the only reason aside from game informer that I still shop there is them getting those exclusives.

Wasn’t a time and place thing for me with NMH, it is legitimately one of my favorite games. Mostly for the boss dialog. Which was missing for 90% of the bosses in NMH2. Like I was ready to just toss the second game till I got to the rank 2 mission and it was finally good again. I mean right when I entered that mission I knew it was different. The slow walk with the somber background and this music playing in the background. Then went to shit again after it. Like the only parts of 2 that seemed like it was from Suda were the first boss you fight, and the rank 2 boss. When I later found out that the last game he had complete control on was NMH1 it made sense to me.

Interested in:

Luigi’s Mansion port
Captain Toad port just for the novelty of it

Hyrule Warriors because I am a sucker that will buy this game a 3rd time

Wait for a sale:
Okami HD since I have it on PS3

It felt like a ton of ports on both 3DS and Switch. I don’t mind ports, but I also don’t need to get a direct for them either… unless they are substantially enhanced.

So this one left me shrugging my shoulders a bit. It wasn’t bad, but also nothing to get excited about if you’ve had access to most of these games on other platforms.

Just to be clear, I like the fact that Switch is getting these games. Just… I think Nintendo directs should be for mostly new stuff.

The No More Heroes footage looked phenomenal though.

To be clear, Nintendo Direct is Nintendo’s means of bypassing the enthusiest press. That’s all it is, that’s all they have ever used it for.

I like that from the standpoint of not needing to read articles like “Okami HD announced for Switch; here’s why it means Nintendo is doomed” but at the same time it is very propoganda-y. They want you to watch their 30 minute advertisement and be excited for the opportunity to do so.

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The surprise Smash announcement just barely kept that Direct relevant. Ditto that remaking Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS is dumb, it’s lower res screen for one thing and also kind of raises the question if GameCube VC is happening. I kind of like the idea of Captain Toad being available on 3DS because that game’s toy box/diorama graphical style would look nice in 3D but I’ll probably just get the Switch version if at all. And another Mario/Luigi/Bowser RPG? Seriously? They need to stop wasting all those extra dev resources on B tier 3DS stuff and put them to work on Switch. Samus Returns should have been the final hurrah but if they really want to give the 3DS a final, special send off they should localize Dragon Quest 11 3DS, might as well since the Switch version is still completely MIA. Was not expecting anything crazy, but was really hoping we’d finally get news on DQ 11 Switch and more on Good Feel’s new Yoshi game and was also hoping for announcement of Mario Maker for Switch but guess it was not to be. :confused:

Captain Toad is brilliant. I’m disappointed that it’s not a sequel, as I won’t be buying it again for the new levels.

Nintendo know I bought it on Wii U. Why don’t they offer upgrades or something?

Nintendon’t care about Wii U owners ;_;

(Seriously though they should throw us a bone!)

Did you ever try the homebrew called Nintendon’t? It let’s you okay GC games on Wii (or Wii U vWii mode).

Amazing stuff - I played through Kururin Squash that way with proper Japanese text display and wide-screen support patched in!

Hahahaha I forgot that’s what it was called. Nah I meant to give it a shot when it popped up but forgot all about it!!

Very happy for Captain Toad ports. May get both! Loved that game on Wii U.

I thought the direct was great. By the time the Smash teaser came at the end I was thinking to myself " stop NIntendo, they’re already dead!"

I didn’t get to catch it live or I would have died with the unexpected smash teaser. I really enjoyed the roster of smash 4 but the slow/floaty/safe gameplay turned me and sent me back to Melee within a month or two. Even if this is just a port of smash 4 with some new characters I know I’ll still buy it.

Yeah it’s still a ton of ports which is quite typical for any system in it’s first year or two but the ports that are coming are fantastic and the portability aspect of it makes for a different experience. I’m at the point where if it’s not on switch I just don’t end up playing it so all of these ports are welcome to me.

Luigi’s mansion was a nice surprise and I think the added content/new way to play will make it a must buy for me.

I really enjoyed my time with Captain Toad, but most of the puzzles I still remember and I’d breeze right through it. So many other games I haven’t played yet. I mean… I haven’t even picked up Odyssey yet :eyes:

I understand and expect Nintendo to port games. It’s not cool when they sell them for more than the originals did, though. In Canada, games that launched at $60-65 on Wii U are $80 on Switch. Even factoring in currency changes, it’s ridiculous.

Some of them are coming with all the DLC and the switch carts are more expensive but it is kind of silly when similar ports on other consoles are half the price.

I’m not one to price whine, but I do agree the 40 dollar discrepancy in price between DKTF on Wii U and Switch is a bit absurd. It’s a good game from what I hear, but it’s just not an extension of good will to charge that much when the game originally only came out for 50 bucks and is now a greatest hits item.

Are we thinking it’s Smash 5 and not a port? I’m leaning in that direction. It’s been long enough since the last one and it’s too big of a franchise for a simple port. It may be a Splatoon 2 situation where it looks similar on the surface (same engine) until Nintendo dives into the details and we see how different the it actually is (roster, stages, modes).