3DS OT: 1 Platform, 2 Screens, 3 Dimensions

Crank up your 3D sliders boys and girls. It’s time to talk about the final frontier for SD graphics. It’s the end of an era.

Possibly the last truly “retro” video game system that has its own distinct looking games, the 3DS has been on the market for nearly 8 years as of the time of this writing. Although it’s arguably still a current gen product (generations are meaningless though), in my opinion, 3DS was retro the day it was released.

Nevertheless, like all hardware made in the Iwata era (RIP), it had some forward looking features that made it feel modern:

-Glasses free 3D
-Street pass
-Gyro-based motion controls
-Customizeable home screen
-Virtual Console

And a killer killer lineup. Arguably one of the best of any system ever made. It has a robust 1st party lineup, incredible indie support, and some decent support from Japanese 3rd parties too. Some notable releases:

-Super Mario 3D Land
-Mario Kart 7
-Luigi’s Mansion & LM: Dark Moon
-Shovel Knight (the best version imo)
-Legend of Zelda OOT3D, MM3D, & ALBW
-Star Fox 64 3D
-Kid Icarus Uprising
-Super Smash Bros for 3DS
-Animal Crossing New Leaf
-Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates, Shadows of Valentina
-Kirby Triple Deluxe, Planet Robobot, Epic Yarn, Blowout Blast
-Metroid II Samus Returns
-Pokemon X, Y, Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Omega Ruby, Omega Sapphire
-Ultimate NES Remix
-Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (N3DS exclusive)
-Yokoi Watch 1, 2, and 3
-Fantasy Life
-Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Attorney
-Bravely Default
-Cave Story and Cave Story 3D
-Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword
-Pushmo and Crashmo
-Tomodachi Life
-Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido
-Sega 3D Classics
-Dragon Quest VII-XI
-Theatrhythm Final Fantasy & Curtain Call
-Street Fighter IV
-Blaster Master Zero
-Steamworld Dig
-Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, 4, Generations, Stories, XX
-Resident Evil: Revelations
-Shin Megan’s Tensei IV, IV Apocolypse, Strange Journey Redux, Devil Survivor Overclocked
-Etrian Odyssey IV
-Persona Q and Q2

And I’m surely forgetting countless other great releases. The library is the stuff of dreams. It’s one of the most vibrant platforms in Nintendo’s history. And it still has a few upcoming games.

So here’s to the 3DS. This thread was a long time coming. Cheers.


I don’t have a photo on hand but between us my wife and I have:

one original 3DS (zelda special editon)
three 3DS XL (poptart animal crossing edition, dragon quest monsters 2 edition, and pink/white)
two New 3DS XL (happy home designer and MHG edition)
one original 2DS (white/red)

For a good while there it was my platform of choice, I have a ton of really excellent 3DS games and despite the platform’s shortcomings it has some really charming quirks.

Remember the circle pad pro?

I’ve got two of these, one for the original and one for the XL. I still prefer playing some games like this over using the New 3DS XL and it’s nub stick.

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Great OT for one of my favorite systems! My 3ds journey started with the original Ambassador 3ds, followed by a blue 3dsXL, then the gold ALBW XL, then finally the white n3ds with changeable cover plates. All the while moving my games and data through the “lovely” transfer process. So many good games, and I’m so glad we got English versions of Bravely Default, Bravely Second, Dragon Quest VII and VIII, several Monster Hunter games including Stories, a Jake Hunter localization and even a Rhythm Heaven game. Not to mention all the Club Nintendo benefits like the Gold and Platinum rewards. I still have a ton of 3ds games in my backlog, so I’ll be playing the system for a long time. Kacho on!

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Nice to see an OT for the ol’ 3DS. I’m sure the system will bow out this year as far as development goes for it so great timing.

There are two 3DS games I’ve been meaning to revisit and replay: Yoot Saito’s Aeroporter and Matsuno’s Crimson Shroud. From my time with them back in 2012 I still consider them among the system’s best games.

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I have 2 CPP’s somewhere: one regular and one XL version.

My 3DS journey was a costly one. I have the original, XL, N3DS, and N3DSXL.

I know many of you prefer the N3DS over the N3DSXL, but I really prefer the bigger model. I don’t care about pixel density as long as I’m seeing things in native res and I prefer the bigger/heavier build of the larger unit.

Plus, the 3D effect feels more immersive on the larger screen. I played some Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon before work this morning and fell in love all over again.

Aeroporter was so good. Reminded me of Lost Luggage on the 2600.

I’m still an Ambassador on a 3DS XL. :slight_smile:

My 3DS is still very much a regular, I’m playing it right now! I chip away at a bunch of puzzle games and also play some RetroArch.

For me it the perfect Nintendo and truly the end of an era. To think that you can use VC to play dozens of platforms, including Game Boy series, and all DS series. And more if you bring in RetroArch. It really is a powerhouse.

It’s also the last real home of Mii, of Music when browsing the menu system and shop. It’s the last of “old school Nintendo”. That doesn’t mean that “new school Nintendo” is bad… just different.

My N3DS with Hanafuda cover plates

RetroArch playing a PS1 Hanafuda game on N3DS

Cart Storage, still in use today

Pilotwings Resort, an early and enduring favourite. This plays even better if you run it at N3DS speed using homebrew.

I had waited so long for another Pilotwings I was pretty hyped when Pilotwings Resort was released!

A photo from an official 3DS preview event, 2011, London.


I much prefer the XL New 3DS, er, XL as well. The games are fine with native resolution, and I like that I can hold it even further away from my face when playing RPGs or strategy games. The 3D effect has a lot more depth as well - Ridge Racer 3D, Ace Combat and Pilotwings still blow me away because of that!

As for the 3DS, I think I’ll probably remember it most as the last system to carry smaller and more directly experimental efforts from Nintendo’s development teams and partners. It’s clear that kind of thing has died with the Switch, despite it launching with such a game, Snipperclips, but 3DS had a lot to offer here. The likes of Picross 3D Round 2, Fallblox/Crashmo, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, Tokyo Crash Mobs, SpeedThru, Calciobit, that pipe dream-style Mario Vs DK, Pilotwings Resort and Code Name STEAM all feel like games that are distinctly a product of their era now. And if they do come back, they’ll need to satisfy a different set of expectations - see Doctor Mario World on mobile…

I also just remembered the StreetPass Mii Plaza, which had some cracking games co-developed by the likes of Chunsoft, Good-Feel (the shmup was basically a new take on Twinbee) and Prope. Again, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be interested in putting out these types of games any more.

It’s a shame Level-5 stopped that initiative of reaching out to esteemed creatives to get new titles made. I mean, I guess people argue that indies fill that gap - but the whole point of those Guild titles was to explicitly create something new. With today’s crowded indie market forcing Igarashi, Inafune and the Banjo team to bank in on nostalgia this kind of thing might stand out more.


I do wonder how a New 3DS XL would feel. Might have a look around local classifieds. Maybe.

What’s the New 2DS XL like?

I’ve checked my place, my car, and my mom’s place as well. I think I’ve lost my white Super Mario edition New 3DS, and I’m gutted. So many RPGs I haven’t played, an aborted DQVIII playthrougj, and the best way to play SNES/GBA games on the go. Don’t think I have the heart to seek out another one.

I’m still kicking myself for not picking up those cover plates when they were $30 - I flat out refuse to pay $120 for them now. Still, I’m pretty happy with the Monster Hunter ones:

With over 40 games in my collection, the 3DS will likely go down as my one of my favorite systems of all time. Combined with excellent CFW/emulation and super convenient portability, I won’t be shelving this handheld anytime soon. (Much to the chagrin of certain forum trolls elsewhere)

@matt re: new 2DS XL - my son has the Pokeball version and it’s quite nice in my opinion. Maybe a little “cheaper” feel when compared to the 3DS build quality, but I’d easily use it as my daily unit if I didn’t already have the N3DS XL

I tend to go back and forth between the N3DS and XL screen sizes. I’ve pretty much settled on the smaller screens for slower-paced, turn-based games and the larger XL for action oriented games to avoid the eventual hand cramps.


Oh no! That’s the worst!

Do you have the serial number? Nintendo can transfer your digital game licenses to a new unit if so.

Here’s my 3ds games collected over the years. I just need to organize them a little better.


How’s River City: Tokyo Rumble?

Short, but sweet. Much like the original River City Ransom, you could replay it a lot trying different items and techniques. If you’re a fan of the original it’s worth checking out.

That’s another thing I forgot to mention in my original post: it’s a wonder we got 2 localized Kunio Kun games, and on top of that, physical releases.

I ordered a couple of 3DS games…okay, three. Got Etrian Odyssey Nexus if only because I know it’ll receive a tiny print run in Europe.

I also forgot Steel Diver existed! So I’m picking up a copy. This game completely passed me when it launched later in Europe. By then I think I moved on to Dead or Alive Dimensions, but I remember Pilotwings Resort being one of the best arcade-style games in a while so I’m hoping Steel Diver has the same replayability. I’m sure the general reception at the time - that is was lacking in content - is as false as it was for Pilotwings Resort. I enjoyed that game so much that I mastered every mission (three stars with red outlines), spending something close to 30 hours on it during the launch window.

The other game I picked up was Fire Emblem Echoes. I never gave it a chance back at launch due to Switch games and Utawarerumono 2 on the Vita taking up all my video game time but Echoes seems a lot more interesting today than it did back then.

It’s really cool that some of the staff at Intelligent Systems and R&D1 who worked on Fire Emblem Gaiden worked on this remake of that game. For example, Toshitaka Muramatsu, who was graphic designer on Fire Emblem Gaiden, was sprite artist in Echoes. He also directed Paper Mario, headed up team Battle Clash and co-designed the Panel de Pon concept.

I wasn’t really impressed with the Switch Fire Emblem game because the evident focus on recreating high tech fancy visuals and cinematic character dialogues will not guarantee a good strategy game - but more likely a bloated one. So I’m hoping Echoes delivers if it does not.

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Steel Diver didn’t grab me. I hope you like it though. Maybe if you make an enthusiastic post about it, I’ll be convinced to give it another go.

Speaking of 3DS, I’m heading to Europe today and bringing it for the plane ride. Decided against bringing the Switch because it’s so large and I have limited back space. I could fit it, but it would mean a heavier backpack with the hard case and everything.

I forgot how much easier it is to travel with a 3DS.

Finally ordered Culdcept Revolt this morning. Its only been sitting in my Amazon wishlist since release. Hope its good. Probably a long shot, but is anyone still playing it online?

I really enjoyed what I played of Culdcept Revolt. Never played the series before but enjoyed the flow of the game and territory control being tied to your score.

The presentation in particular is spot on, with great use of 3D in both the board, the cards and the menus, and some nice pixel art.

I never managed to find an online game and I picked it up at launch - always wanted to do a four player game.