No audio game capture

Hi all, trying to figure out my setup issue with no audio.
Setup is original NES game :video_game: is castlevania, rca component yellow video and red audio connected to a retrotink 2x, then connected to portable capture card I have both avermedia live portable 2 and elgato HD 60s card to hmdi output for both using either Avermedia recentral 4 and obs and elgato 4k capture utility. No matter what I do in settings for any of the software there is no AUDio in video preview what am I missing??


How about recording to Micro SD card? I believe at least one of your devices supports that.

Would help locate the problem.

And welcome!

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Yes the avermedia live portable gamer 2 has sd card which means no pc required. I want to be able to see the video preview with sound on my pc.

Of course. But if it records to SD card with sound then we know the problem is on your PC and not with the capture card. Process of elimination