Guy on Ebay Selling Repro JVC/Panasonic/Ikegami RGB/YPbPr Input Cards

Just saw this on the Retro Roundup and thought I should let everyone know, because I was super excited.

Someone in New Zealand is selling reproduction RGB/YPbPr input cards for certain JVC, Panasonic, and Ikegami monitors. If you have a monitor that accepts the card type (JVC IF-C01COMG, Panasonic BT-YA702 and Ikegami CPN-1700) you know that they are usually much more rare and expensive than the monitors themselves!

I don’t know if they’re any good, but I immediately got one anyway. If this works it’s a watershed for these alternative monitors so I will be sure to post results when I get mine in.

If anyone wants to check these out, here is the link. Looks like he also offers a direct SCART out with separate audio for a little cheaper, which is interesting.

JVC monitor BNC RGB / YPbPr input board

Definitely. The more reproduction/custom stuff made the better.

This is awesome. Hopefully we can eventually get reasonably priced reproduction RGB/Composite input cards for the Sony BVM multi-format monitors.

Amazing. I hope they’re good.

Making these for Sony monitors would make this guy rich if he can deliver quality. If this works out I may reach out to the guy to find out more about his operation and if he has any plans for more parts. Bob said during the Roundup that Sony put a lot of proprietary parts in their equipment, making things like this harder for BVMs.

I can’t wait to try it out. I had given up on finding an RGB input card for my JVC. I had been wanting to be a boss like @Rich and make my own solution but I was too afraid I’d bork the job. I do wish this had a mounting plate to help secure the card though.

I saw these on our local version of eBay but I didn’t say anything cos I just assumed the guy was importing and reselling here, and didn’t think he’d be shipping worldwide. That’s cool!

I have the input card but it might be worth picking one of these up if I find another monitor someday.

Couple years back I lucked out on two separate listings for cheap JVC HD monitors and ended up with four of these input cards altogether. Traded one away last year to a fellow former Gaffer. This is a really cool development as it makes it a lot easier and inexpensive for anyone to get one.