OG Xbox Appreciation: Life is Short, Play More (Across Three Generations of Xbox)


It looked like a splinter cell clone but it kind of felt like Armed & Dangerous on the original Xbox. The map was a Zerg nest and you could choose from a few units. The ghost story apparently was used in part to make the dlc for start craft 2.

I think what killed the game was the level of polish Blizzard demands and it wasn’t made in house. Couple that with the new generation was only a short time away.

For me that unreleased game that hurt the most was True Fantasy Live Online. Level 5 was quickly becoming one of my favorite devs and I really thought a mmo on the Xbox would have been amazing.


God I wanted that so bad. It’s up there with Prey 2 and Megaman Legends 3 for me. And now I get to be even sadder for thinking about MML3 again…


I’ve began to round out my Xbox collection while I still can. Does anyone know why Outrun 2006 is so expensive? Picked up Outrun 2 for $7 today but 2006 is crazy expensive. I figure it was a late release so it got a limited run, but geez!

Also, does anyone know if disc rot affects anything past Sega CD/Early PS1? Is it inevitable for all/certain discs?


I though Outrun 2006 was only expensive in the US (limited run I think), maybe this though has had a knock on effect over here? I didnt think it was rare at all, maybe just people want it… I reviewed this on my channel last week, and it still holds up as one of the greats…

How much you seeing it going for??


Anywhere from $70-300 sold on Ebay, the average seems to be about $100. For an Xbox game that’s a ton. This is in the US.


Ahh is the US, yes, I think Metal Jesus on his video said it was released in low low numbers in the US… In the UK there are plenty, unsure about the rest of the world…

Sold Ebay in UK show them as low as £30, still not super cheap mind.


Yeah that’s still quite a bit when most games run under $10. I’m happy to report Outrun 2 is an awesome game for $7 as well.

Also, does anyone have recommendations on component cables? I’ve got a cheap multi-cable and it is prone to some interference at times. The Monster and original component solutions are like $50+ and I was hoping to get a recommendation for cheaper cables.


Metal Jesus shouldn’t be seen as a be all end all. The dude has a lot of good stuff, and does know a bit about a lot of different things, but I’m not sure that all the videos are well sourced or anything like that.


Not sure who thought or things MJR is the be end of anything, what a very odd thing to say.


His approach to Retro rubs some people the wrong way, me included in the videos I’ve seen. Not every person who streams needs to be hardcore retro and knowledgeable like those of us on this board, but he kinda swings all the way to the other side where it’s so casual you sort of wonder what’s the point of the videos then?

So when he says it was released in low numbers in the US, well, it may have been, but he’s not really speaking from a place of authority on that and doesn’t seem to research very well before saying something like that. A LOT of Xbox games didn’t get huge print runs.

The more likely reason it’s sought after is this… from Mr_Sockochris on NeoGAF nine years ago…

OutRun 2 = 15 stages from the arcade
OutRun C2C = 15 new stages PLUS the original 15 in OutRun 2
OutRun 2 Xbox Live = Only the 15 new stages from C2C

So basically, C2C is the best version in terms of content. Unfortunately it’s the worst looking, jaggy as hell compared to OutRun 2, let alone the Xbox Live version.


Interesting that the non-Japanese versions of Outrun 2 are going up in price, I know the NTSC-J releases (Outrun 2 -Xbox and Outrun 2 SP -ps2) are crazy expensive partly because they had been tweaked further with a few improvements and I’m also assuming that they had a low print run that pushed their prices up.

From what I’ve seen the (now de-listed) Outrun C2C 2006 PC version looks really nice, it lacks the bloom from the console versions iirc but the image quality overall was better and I think someone modded in force feedback steering wheel support. Did anyone manage to nab that version?


Woah woah… I’m not knowledgeable


People watch MJR because its entertainment, I agree that many times you think! WFT is he on about, but ultimately he has a lot of subs, so I guess a lot of people just want to be entertained…

My channel is for entertainment also, I dont have neither the time or the inclination to make my channel educational, there is plent of those channels out there if people want that sort of thing, not all channels are for all people but there are plenty of options, so all is good :smiley:

I have both versions mind, and both are good, that at least is fact :slight_smile:


It’s not education that I’m talking about though. It’s just general facts that he sort of avoids or glosses over or obviously doesn’t know. It makes the rest of it suspect.

YouTube culture is weird, and part of our basic “Fake News” problem today. If I wrote an article on a game in my ten years in magazines and on the web that showed I wasn’t informed on it, I was not going to be asked back for the next one. Nowadays it seems like no one cares.

Gaming has a history like any other entertainment pursuit. It bugs me when people choose to ignore it, especially when they’re specifically covering retro gaming.


I don’t have a problem with MJR. He seems like a really nice guy that likes to collect and play video games. He’s not the most informative and is as basic as you can get, but people are subscribing so… good for him I suppose.


I like him too, but I think these guys are correct in their assessment about his lack of accuracy or knowledge. That’s fine though, he was never aiming to be an accurate history buff or wealth of information.

It’s not like he’s spreading false information, or he’s getting paid to say certain things by sponsors, so I think it’s just innocent entertainment.


Yeah that was pretty much my point. Informative information can be found elsewhere


I enjoy Metal Jesus Rocks videos, but about the only part of retro gaming that he is really knowledgeable in is PC gaming, because that is the kind of gaming he was into when he was younger. He is entertaining though and has an engaging personality.


He worked for Sierra in the 90s, but yes, PC gaming is more his thing.


I like MJR a lot. His quality has been uneven here recently with a lot of videos that feel like he just threw them up to meet a schedule, but his buying guides, hidden gems, and basically his actual game-related content is always fun. I really like the format of showing a good number of games with gameplay footage and hearing an opinion on it (see also: Game Sack). He seems like a likable dude and has a great network of guests/friends too.

Also, I just acquired the Outrun 2006 PC version this weekend. I wouldn’t pay $100+ for it, but it’s a fantastic follow-up which sticks to the ‘more of a good thing’ formula and basically throws a ton of extra content onto Outrun 2. I’ll try to test steering wheel support soon, if I can find my old Logitech wheel. It has native 360 controller support, though.

I am very glad so many Xbox games received PC ports. It allows me to appreciate both the power of the Xbox (Morrowind still blows my mind) and the quality of the games themselves when given more headroom.