Xbox 360 recommendations

I’m planning to get a X360 in October as it is likely a large chunk of the games I want to play will never get on the One’s BC. I want the following games:

-Ace Combat 6
-Burnout Revenge
-EDF 2017
-The Forzas
-Full Auto
-all the Halos
-Hydro Thunder Hurricane
-Gears of War 2/3/Judgment
-Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
-Over G Fighters
-The Outfit
-Project Sylpheed
-Project Gotham Racing 3 and 4

Based on the above list, are there any exclusive games or definitive-on-the-360 (meaning no PC version [that is not a completely different game with the same title]) you’d recommend me to check out? If it’s a shooter or flight game, I probably already have it on PS3. Tips regarding the hardware would also be appreciated.

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I’ll add some more later but don’t write off games just cause they’re also on PC. A lot of pre-2010 PC ports are terrible. Things like Tomb Raider Anniversary have a lot of bugs on PC and keyboard prompts even when you use a controller, plus the 360 version has more effects.

Even well regarded ports like Mass Effect only has keyboard/mouse input on PC.

OK adding some more now. If I remember right you’re not an RPG fan so I’ll leave those out:

Beautiful Katamari
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (on PC as well but there should be less lag on 360)
Kameo Elements of Power
Ninja Gaiden 2
Rise of the Tomb Raider (I know, it’s on 18 million other platforms but this version is a really cool downport)
Shadow Complex (on PC but they really changed the feel of the game
Splosion Man
Tomb Raider Anniversary (for reasons mentioned above)

Some of these are also playable on Xbox One if you prefer.

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Oh yeah, Ninja Gaiden II, I’ll consider that. I also forgot Perfect Dark Zero in my OP list.

I understand the Slim is not (as?) RROD prone as the original model and has built-in wifi. Is there anything else that make it more/less desirable than the OG model?

edit: also is there any reason to get ridge racer 6 if I already have 7?

Not saying these are all classics and must-plays but just throwing out names in case you’re interested:

Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie XBLA
Perfect Dark XBLA
Bomberman Act Zero (you know you wanna try it)
Sonic 06 (same as above)
Sneak King (^^^^^)
Asura’s Wrath
Child of Eden
Deadly Premonition (better than the PS3 version; not sure about the PC version)
Rockstar Presents Table Tennis (it’s not bad for what it is)


Haha Sonic 06 :rofl:

For starters, go with a 360 S or E. E is the most modern hardware, while S has more USB ports and cooler design. Avoid the older white models and even the elite ones of the old ones at all cost due to imminent hardware failure.

Watch out for duplicate 360 controllers bought new. They are rife, and even amazon sells fake ones that look like the real boxed thing. Check my instagram (my username ResidentDante) for a pic of one fake 360 controller.

A lot of DLC is getting delisted, real fast. PGR4 for instance has it’s DLC removed etc. If you own old DLC, then you’ll need to traverse a terrible long list of dnowloaded stuff on your 360 (these will not be downloadable anywhere else). From this list you can download delisted stuff that you have purchased earlier, game trails will NOT make you access delisted software to purchase. The list is slow and full of crap like trailers, demoes etc. be patient!

Hitting Y (I believe) when highlighting the game you have put in the DVD drive to start, will give you an option screen, from here you can install the game, making some games load faster. An external HDD may be the way to go if you run out of space. Alternatively a large USB pen at the back.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane? Do you have it on XB1? It’s runs in the Low 40fps mark on 360, 50s on XB1 and rock solid 60 on XB1X (plus the lovely 16xAF does wonder with the water surface far into the distance).

Extra tip: You can get VGA out cables and a SCART cable that supports RGB out. The latter is kinda cool if you want to play old games ona CRT that support 4:3 and that originally were made for CRT consoles. Castlevania SOTN, Crazy Taxi etc. Sadly Sega ports like Daytona USA, VF2 etc. are forced 16:9 with a 4:3 square inside, on SCART out.

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you know I really like the design of the og white model. Mine got serviced 3 times since owning one back in 2006. The last time it got serviced was just when the 3year warranty was up and it was around the time MS was just figuring how to deal with the RRoD issue by the copper water pipe which was installed in mine and I never had any issues with overheating after that. That model I sold to a buddy and today it is still working fine. Although the dvd drive has issues streaming assets from GTA5 I assume the DVD drive from older models wasn’t as efficient as later models. Also older models have no HDMI best connection you gonna get will be component.

I sold my og because I wanted the slimline model with HDMI and less power consumption.

I wonder if you will like Infinite Undiscovery. I actually enjoy it despite having moments where I cringe at the story dialogue.

also the CAVE/konami/MOSS shooters. USA got better selection of releases than EU sadly I don’t think they are region free.

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Also Operation Darkness - low budget and quite poorly executed strategy game
Culdcept Saga
ninety nine nights
Magna Carta 2
Kingdom under fire

I would also advise on installing the games to the HDD of if you got a large enough USB to copy them onto.

I don’t own a XB1, lol. I seriously considered getting an X, but while GRAW at 60 FPS would be damn cool, many of my other most wanted 360 titles (particularly Ace Combat 6) will likely never be available due to licensing issues or being too niche, and the XB1 doesn’t have enough exclusive titles to interest me. Besides, if Microsoft does go around making the entire 360 catalogue BC eventually, I can just upgrade.

Thanks for the tips!

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The kind of fake 360 pad, often listed as official on Amazon etc. Note the lack of anything saying Microsoft. It’s also smaller than the official pad.

The very first Xbox 360s don’t have HDMI. And the Slim ones don’t do component and are HDMI only (in case that matters). Most of the consoles produced in Xbox 360’s lifespan had both outputs though.

If you like ridiculous action games, you have to play Ninja Blade.

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Raiden Fighters Aces

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I heard not such great things about ninja blade. I’ll give it a proper look though.

We don’t talk about it enough, but Xbox 360 has one of the best libraries of any console.

Here are some of my favorites (although many if not all of these will be available on other platforms so ymmv):

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved (seriously, this game is awesome)
Ninja Gaiden II
Radiant Silvergun
Bandai-O Missile Fury
Super Meat Boy
Peggle (this such an underrated video game)
Castle Crashers
Guardian Heroes
Pac-Man Championship Edition (not the sequel)

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Oooh I had forgotten about that one. Nice catch!

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By the way here are a few others I liked back when they came out:

Mirrors Edge

Halo series (really all of them)

Vanquish (this is literally the best game on the platform and my favorite single player shooter campaign of all time… sorry I left it off my previous post. I’d kill for modern console port with locked 60fps)

Bayonetta (although the Switch or PC versions will serve you better, it still beats the Wii U and PS3 versions performance wise)


PC Vanquish should run at a locked 60? You could even play it with a 360 controller and never know the difference?

It will run at a locked 60fps and even 120fps!

I need a gaming PC someday