Online Game & Watch games

I used this site quite a bit when I was bored at school. You can play various game and Watch games here (assuming you still have flash player or a browser that can read flash. Also it does not work on mobile). The Zelda one is quite inventive for a simple game and Watch game.

This is a great way for preservation, since game and watches end up being expensive as hell and thus , disregarded by many retro gamers.


You need Adobe Flash Player to play games.

All my browsers no longer support this.

Well, I think we may have lost another piece of preservation. I know retroarch has a game and Watch emulator, but I loved how this one really loolef like the real deal. i hope some one gets this to work with the flash emulator.

It works in Firefox here

For now…

I recall being absolutely obsessed with this a number of years ago. Just amazing work.

Such great attention to detail.

Some online emulators are pretty standard and sometimes atrocious. This however… This is how its done.