Yeah, the 1000 is my favourite too, in terms of form factor, but I ended up keeping a 2004: the screen is pretty pants, but I plan to take advantage of its TV out and see if it’s worth leaving it plugged into the OSSC, and use my monitor as a display. If not, I may end up rebuying a Street and keep it portable. :slight_smile:


I literally have never noticed the ‘interlacing’ effect on my 3k. Still not convinced that isn’t a case of mass hysteria.


It’s very obvious on the home screen but in game it’s not a big deal.


even then, I’ve never noticed it. Like maybe it varies by unit but when I compare to 2k and 3k, the 3k just looks better in every way.


The screens definitely look better due to the higher contrast ratio, faster response time that pretty much eliminates the ghosting found in the other models, and brighter screen but the interlacing issue replaced the ghosting unfortunately.
I heard that the severity of the interlacing did depend on the console since some screens where better than others but if it doesn’t bother you or you don’t notice it when playing games then it’s fine. It is one of the best ways to enjoy PSP games even over the PSPGo if you wanted a bigger screen.


Still a great portable with an excellent library. Bought a phat at launch, eventually got a blue 2000 which I still use. Homebrew, Wipeout Pure and the Konami shmup collections are my go-to’s.


I can see it on my 3000 & Go. It’s a problem for 60fps games, not so much for 30fps.


Guys, any tips for a decent to good quality replacement battery for a PSP 2004? I bought an original Sony pack, a year and a half ago, which was refurbished, and it can’t hold a charge any longer, now.

Actually, if it was possible to use some sort of Dual Shock controller with it, I wouldn’t even mind buying a cradle and leave it docked permanently. But I’m not aware of any official solution to remote control the PSP, am I right?


Has anyone tried replacing the buttons / membrane on their PSP 3000?

I got a replacement part for my MH PSP but the buttons feel really weird, I’m wondering if I did something wrong or if the replacement parts are just not very good.


I did with my 1000 before it was stolen and yeah, I had the same experience. So I’m sure its that the replacement stuff is of poor quality. Button feel/quality is always the biggest concern with aftermarket stuff.


The 1000 at least the buttons and membrane are separate pieces. With the 3000 they are like fused together somehow. My triangle and circle feel fine but X and especially square don’t seem to depress all the way.


I’ve only ever done it by gutting other broken PSP’s. I wouldn’t know of a good third party replacement, But having a spare PSP for parts is pretty handy if you have the space.


So I opened up my PSP 3000 and found that the square button was torn, and I found a bite mark. I think one of my cats must have chewed it when I wasn’t looking.

I wanted something working so I managed to just cut along a strategic spot on both sets of buttons and use just the circle button from the replacement pad with my original set. The circle was the only one messed up with the original part. It’s not perfect but it works reasonably well.

I’ve ordered another pad, in white this time with a white faceplate cause why not; my MH PSP screen is in pretty good condition but does have a bit of oddness on the left and a two-tone black/white should look neat.

Also, I started playing Ys: The Oath In Felghana. Ys games have been on my radar for a while and so far I’m really liking it. The combat feels really good, and some of the bosses are really giving me a Zelda vibe.

I’ve been switching between the MH PSP 3000 and my PSP Go on my TV. I think it plays nicer with a full DualShock. Syncing the saves isn’t too bad but I found it’s a lot easier if I use Microsoft SyncToy and just tell it to sync the SAVEDATA folder between the two drives as they appear in Windows. I might see if I can get this to work when I just plug both in, but for now just opening a program and hitting a button is pretty slick.


I’ve also been wanting to get into the Ys series, I have memories of Celceta for Vita but found out that oath in felghana takes place a year before. I have to go back and play it now.

I’m curious if you use a scaler when playing your PSP go on the TV to zoom the picture in and which one do you use? I’ve been meaning to buy one to go with my OSSC since everything but PSX games are tiny on my TV.


My TV has some scaling options built in so I used that to get it up to near full size while maintaining the correct aspect ratio. The result is a bit blurry but not too bad. I really like playing PSP games on a big screen when I’m at home!


Nice, my TV only has a basic zoom function and one doesn’t zoom enough while the other zooms too much. Planning on buying a 4k TV soon though and those seem to have a way better scaling options.


Just bought some PSP cases for about $3 each for my Loose UMD. Those things are hard to find nowadays.

Thing is: what to do with a Spongebob and Madden 06 manuals, LOL.


A generic UMD case? I’m guessing the cases didn’t have a place to hold the manual? Not sure that there’s much demand for those particular manuals lol.

I’ve never really had any problems with finding games CIB and I still have all my games complete so I’ve never had to look for cases, didn’t know they were hard to find.

In fact I’ve lost some UMD’s but still have the case and manual, I should look into buying some loose discs to complete them or maybe selling them off to people who might need them.

The only problem I have is the housing around the UMD disc breaking on some of my games. I should buy some replacement shells.


I got a launch model back when I was in college along with Metal Gear Ac!d. That saved a lot of boredom when I had wonky class schedules with huge time gaps in between. I babied my PSP treating it like a lamborghini by cleaning it and taking extra care of it while watching all the DS owners beat the snot out of their hand helds…

I still play it every once in awhile, I’ve been thinking of getting a sd card that holds two mini sd’s and just buy a bunch of PSP games from the store and load them up.


Got them!

Goodbye Spongebob, I barely knew you.