PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


It is really good! Feels like a perfect match for the Tetris games I’ve been playing. I’ve yet to play a shmup with it - but I’ve got the Japanese version of Gradius V on the way…but maybe that’s not the best choice. Didn’t it have analogue movement?

Had a look at this and it looked familiar - I remember reading about the first game in a compilation issue of old Edge magazines (I think it was called FILE)




The first game is basically a work in progress of the second game. Feels unfinished.



My PSIO finally shipped! I can’t wait to install it



When did you place your order?



Uhhhh…around the time I ordered Paprium ? Lol.

All jokes aside, 3 or 4 months ago.

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Similar time to when I ordered, hoping I get a shipment notification too!



Fingers crossed ! My PS1 froze a few times playing RE2 a few months ago with the Lazer clearly seaking around so I can’t wait to retire it once and for all.

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I only just read this. So when do you get out of prison?



I wish you luck. I tried to install mine with a friend Saturday, and it doesn’t boot. Next, we’ll have to check with a multimeter every single cut. (My PSX was a SCPH-5552 PU-18).



It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to install. At least I’ve got a stack of ps1s if I make a mistake!

LMAO just saw this.

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Picked up Gran Turismo 2 (NTSC-J). Never owned a copy on release. Is the Arcade mode disc worth bothering with or is it all about the Gran Turismo disc?



For my they were all about driving school.



anyone had any luck getting a dex drive working in recent years? i’m on windows 7, have a serial to USB adapter going but can’t find the drivers for this thing to work.

ive got dexter, PSXGE and a directory of all my old saves i found (yay!) but no means of getting them onto memory cards with this thing yet



Arcade mode was better in GT1, but is cool in GT2, too.



It’s been a long time but I think arcade mode is just race a select number of cars on tracks or play 2 player split screen. GT mode is the main attraction with buying/tuning cars and racing the events. Be advised 98.2% (I think) is beating the game since they pulled drag racing last minute but didn’t update the % completion.

Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak dominates the game. Also, some of the event criteria doesn’t necessarily need to be met. For example, I think the convertible cup says for convertibles only but you can enter any car, lol. There are a couple like that.

Great game though, I beat it once then my save file got corrupt so I beat it again back in the day.

The JPN version has a couple extra cars too (Lamborghini Diablo and 1-? others that I don’t remember off the top of my head.) [edit, sorry this was in GT3, not GT2]

The US intro movie is still one of the best in the series with The Cardigans - My Favorite Game.



Oh cool, I’d better switch to the GT Disc then. I did try Arcade mode and while it was nice to get straight into the action it did seem like a lot of stuff was missing and I like the sound of the driving school challenges.

Didn’t realise Pikes Peak was in the game either! I love racing it in Dirt Rally.



Even though I mentioned the Escudo, I forgot the Pikes Peak track was in the game, I think all dirt too before they paved most (all?) of it. I need to play it again tonight!

Yeah, Arcade mode is nice if you want to try out a Supra or something right off the bat instead of putzing around in a Miata (Roadster) for many races grinding for credits for tuning or a new car



I played a heap of GT2 last year, and the most fun was just winning some higher end races with my beefed up 1989 R32 GTR. Handling really takes a dive when you get the top range turbo. It’s loose enough in the tail anyway.

I loved the Need for Speed games up until, and including, Underground 2 (sans angry faux hip hop, and especially liked the tuning aspect of Porsche Unleashed (PC version only!!!) and U2.

I dabbled in GT3 around 2005, but it was a bit obtuse, and definitely a much harder game. So when I came to play GT2, I was super pleased to find it so arcade-like. Less so than the NFS, and Ridge Racer games.

For me it got a bit stale after winning the Ford GT40, as money became trivial. And I guess I prefer the slightly lower speed battle with traction, that makes the early stages fun.

The only Gold license I earned was the B-license in GT3. And man was that a slog to beat the last test!



I went for years before I found out what was meant by this symbol: :beginner:

GT would award it to you when you narrowly missed a driving lesson goal.

My OCD me at I had to get all top ranking.



Interesting, I’ve seen it crop up on Densha de Go as well but wondered what it meant.