PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


Japanese L-plate symbol. aka “beginner”


Neat, thanks for sharing a link. In Densha de Go FINAL/Pocket’s menus that mark shows up against the first route for each line, which acts as the tutorial route. Makes sense now!


Well that’s a hell of a lot cooler than what we have to use in NZ… lol



You can also pick these up in Katamari Damacy


My province (in Canada) does a red ‘L’ for learners and a green ‘N’ for new drivers.

Deleted. - Peltz


I’m all for jokes, but this one is inappropriate so I’m going to delete it.


My Life in Gaming just did a video on the PSIO and came away with a favorable opinion. Seems a little more fiddly than the GDEmu (and a much more complex install) but potentially a good solution for a failing laser. Super curious how it goes for you.


I saw that ! Whenever mine shows up I’ll be sure to report back ! I’m thinking I may as well recap it at the same time

@Kawika has one. Maybe he can chime in with impressions


I have impressions. I like it. The video actually cleared some things up I was using other software to do. I did run into a few games that didn’t work including Jackie Chan.

Set up is a pain but once you get things working, it’s pretty cool.

I need to sit down a try things the way they showed on the video but suffice it to say ripping your own software and getting working is easy getting something you found online can be a pain. I had luck using a cue database and replacing those.

I did notice some gamess load times are amazing others, not so much.


Fair enough. The people with those on their cars were making fun of themselves but I guess there was no way to tell from that pic.


I’ve just gotten my SCPH 39002 modded to play imports so I’ve been using PS1VModeNeg to force my PAL PS2 to output at the correct NTSC 59.82hz for PS1 games and it is a revelation compared to the cruddy PAL conversions I grew up with.

Does anyone here have much experience with PS1 dithering codes on PS2?, I’m keen to experiment with them but I think my method of using a modchip to boot an out of region game and then force an NTSC video mode without a top loader to swap discs probably means I’ll have to rip my games, patch them and then burn them to have a chance at using the codes.


I have generated some anti-dithering codes, I use the no$cash PSX emulator as recommended

I use the codes by putting them on USB alongside my games for OPL/POPS. That’s the easiest way on PS2.

You can use Free MC Boot to run OPL and out-of-region games without the need for a modchip. No need to patch and burn games these days.

Anything else specifically you want to know?

ps: I’d not heard of PS1VModeNeg so I assume it’s not needed when using OPL/POPS


Oh I’m already using FMCB to run PS1VModeNeg to switch the clock synthesiser into NTSC mode for out of region PS1 games (this does require a modchip to auth the disc beforehand). I do use OPL for PS2 games though.

Thanks for your tips with patching but I’m not a fan of POPStarter - it’s a fun little curio but it isn’t really a reliable way to play PS1 games with any kind of accuracy.

So I think my only recourse for hardware backwards compatibility is to rip my games, patch them and then burn them so that I can play it natively from disc. So I’d appreciate any tips on that process if you have any insight.


POPS has been good enough for me and my games, but I respect your different opinion.

Sadly, I don’t think you’re going to be able to patch anti-dithering into game discs, because the action replay codes are, by design, applied at run-time and are temporary in memory. That’s also how RetroArch disables dithering.

Your best (only?) option would be to use a real PS1 with Action Replay cartridge to apply the codes. I’m not sure PS2 Action Replay would work, or a PS1 action replay disc (if such a thing exists) on PS2.


Anyone know what could cause a slight tapping noise when loading a disc on a PSone? Was playing FFVIII last night, and when loading battles or some areas, the system will make a tapping noise and take alot longer to load than normal. I’m sure one of our pets knocked it off the stand I have it on, but it doesnt show any physical damage. I suppose it could just be dust making the system struggle to read, but I doubt that would make a noise.


Sounds like the laser is struggling.


Yeah, it’s almost certainly the laser. Replacing it is really easy (took me about 10 minutes, and I’m an idiot), and you can get replacements on eBay for $20 or so. But make sure you get the right one for your model.


Cool, i’ll look up some instructions.


Does anybody have any experience of Widescreen hacks for PS1 games? Ideally as cheat codes or patches to the disc image.


It’s also a lot smaller. You have two on your car though. One on the front and one on the back.