PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


Undoubtly my favorite console of all time. Home to many of the greatest JRPG. Its immense library of quality games should speak for itself.


Yes, it’s the JogCon that came in a special box set with Ridge Racer Type 4. Inspired by the same type of buttons on videoediting hardware back in the day. Namco kinda promoted as the next thing up from a NegCon. Very different approaches to to steering both of them. I believe JogCon retains the analogue turning in racing games that support the NegCon.

The JogCon has rumble too I believe. NegCon doesn’t but it was an analogue steering controller long before the DualShock arrived, I think NegCon was available almost since the PS1 launch.


Yeah the Jogcon actually has really good force feedback in the jog wheel, it’s bananas. I think it’s only officially supported by Ridge Racer 4 & 5 though?


And just for fun, Mega Man 8 via RGB on my BVM-20E1U




Aside from the remark insulting first-person shooters, this thread kicks ass.

I always loved the PS1. It was really exciting for me playing the Tekken arcade game in 1994 knowing that was going to be actual console hardware in North America in less than a year. I got the system shortly after launch. Nowadays I enjoy replaying PS1 games on Vita.


I just got Internal Section for $20 at a local store over the weekend. Not a bad find I guess.


The PS1 gave us Spyro…that alone makes it amazing along with countless other titles!


If it is an NTSC unit then I believe both an MM3 or Mayumi V4 would work just fine.

If PAL, get a ONEchip.


PS1 is either my favourite or second favourite system of all time, depending on the day you ask me (It is in a constant battle with the SNES). My all-time favourite game is Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy VII is right up there too. It was the system that solidified gaming as my number one hobby, and I couldn’t get enough of the Platformers (Crash, Spyro), RPGs (Final Fantasy, Suikoden), Rhythm Games (Parappa, Bust a Move/Groove), Survival Horror (RE, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve)… The list goes on and on.


SEGA guy, here, but I love the PlayStation. So many awesome, obscure/oddball titles too…


Two for anime & mecha fans: Remote Control Dandy (left) and 70’s Robot Anime: Geppy-X (right).


It took me too long to rebuy a proper PS1. I’ve been using a PS2 slim since 2009, and it just wasn’t cutting it – lots of random glitches in PS1 games on the newer model PS2s. Finally got a PSOne like… December before last, and hooked it up earlier this year. Now that I’ve got everything hooked up and running through the gscartsw, it’s been pretty awesome.

Only problem is (if you can call this a problem), in the time it took me to actually get a proper PS1 setup again, I built up a backlog of basically all the expensive games that I always wanted, but never thought I’d get. So, I have sealed copies of Valkyrie Profile, Suikoden II, Vagrant Story… and some others like Tobal 2 sitting around, waiting to be played. I really gotta get around to those.

I did play through Arc the Lad 1, though, and loved it.


Is it wrong that I just play all my PS1 games in a ps2 slim? I haven’t had any issues so far.



Edit: To clarify, I was running into a lot of random sound glitches… Loud buzzing noises occurring randomly in Fear Effect, sound effects randomly being muted in Soul of the Samurai… lots of oddities like that. I think there were a couple visual glitches in Fear Effect, as well.


Not really, though I play my PS1 games on a PS2 Fat as well.


I remember have the original Playstation and noticed some of the games ran a little slow. I didn’t know if it was because I had a first gen OG Playstation or what, eventually I bought a PSOne and all of my games ran really well, I was surprised.

I still have a back log of PSOne games I need to play, mainly JRPG’s.


And there’s a paddle controller

There is about a dozen paddle games on the PS1, so not a bad investment at all!


also V-Rally 2.


I was using a JP PS2 for a while, then I found a JP PSOne. Had to so I could play Gradius Gaiden proper. Then I got a screen. Now I’m wanting to mod chip it so I can play the 3-4 US games that I have. -_-


Anyone played the obscure ARPG Brave Prove? Developed by DataWest (they also made the Rayxanber games) and it looks really cool. I hope we’ll see a fan translation one day.