PS1 Appreciation/Collectors Thread of Ugly-Ass Polygons


Here’s a post I made on Gaf about some artifacts that only the PS2 shows on PS1 games, I have since tried with another RGB cable too and same artifacts turn up. Two phat PS2’s (one early, one late model) and the latest slim. They all produce the same lines:

I definitely seeing some vertical ugly lines that are only present on my PS2, same RGB cable and CRT monitor being used on both.

Zoom in on my pics to check them out:



Here are two more close up:



@ResidentDante yep, I experience the same artifacts on my Japanese PS2 (first model) + genuine Sony branded RGB scart cable. Seems to me it only happens at certain resolutions, though, as 240p games look pristine - I tested it both on my Trinitron CRTs and then again with the OSSC and my two monitors - and even with 3D graphics that produce those vertical bars, they’re not always there (see Tobal 2, for example).


Yeah, it’s a real bummer once I’ve noticed they just stare me in the face!


I haven’t noticed those artifacts on my fat 50000 through the framemeister or OSSC. Does it happen with all games?


Not with all games, according to my tests. 240p (I tried Gunners Heaven and Advanced V.G.) look pristine, on my PS2, and not every 3D game exhibits those artifacts. Actually, even when they show up, they don’t always cover the whole screen, as per those RR pics: for example, I notice them in some background elements in Tobal 2 - the floor of the arenas seem to be particularly affected - while the character models appear to be perfectly clean.

I wonder if it’s the result of some post-processing the PS2 applies on top of PS1 graphics by default (even with all the enhancements turned off), that sharpens up dithering patterns, making them stand out dramatically.


Yeah it’s in a few 3D games I’ve tested, very obvious in racers like the Ridge Racer series and WipEout. But also in fully 3D games like Dino Crisis.


I think 2D games are safe, a bit shame about 3D ones though.


Not set up for capture and the only camera I have is my shitty phone camera, so I don’t have images, but I’m really not seeing these artifacts on my set up. Tried Wipeout 3. Could be what Galdelico is referring to and I’m just blind, but I think it might be more individual to the unit than that.
In unrelated news. Tried to play some rockman 2 on the PS1 today. Remembered how much I blow at these games. Oddly, some of the sprites display a checkerboard (like what you get with a low quality cable). The sprite when megaman initially appears on a level, for example, and one of the climbing sprites. weird.


There are appx 70 billion PS2 revisions so it might be that only some have these issues. Later slim models are supposed to have more problems with PS1 games.


Yup. Could also be some weird hardware issue like an issue with the laser or the video out or some such. Seems odd it’s so inconsistent.


Yeah it might be some games the lines are more obvious on and I’m just being a bit fussy over it. If you don’t see them then you’re good anyhow!


I always wanted to try the Jumping Flash games, but never got around to playing them. Maybe I’ll pick those up someday. Great system btw, played lots of great rpg’s on there.


Gaf repost with some Tomb Raider love from my Instagram:

The book featured is “20 Years of Tomb Raider”


the PS1 was what I considered my first console. It was the first gaming system that I truly OWNED, and used to its absolute fullest. The GameStop I got it from already had a PS2 on display before its release behind glass at the counter, but I didn’t even care. I had my PS1, and all I even had to play for a while was X-Men vs. Street Fighter. But then I got Crash 2, Crash 3, CTR, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, Metal Gear, a GameShark, etc. There are too many good memories.

I will never forget this. Way back, me and my dad were at Fry’s and we’re walking down the CD aisles. For some absolutely incredible reason, he picks up the OST to the South Park movie, and then he goes hey I heard this was nice for kids and buys it for me. LMAO. I was like a third grader at the time, and I had only ever seen maybe two episodes of South Park ever. I didn’t wanna say anything and I just rolled with it. I told my friends at school what happened, and one of them just HAD to have it. Apparently he was some kinda 3rd grade South Park die hard. He’s like, dude I’ll trade you 10 PS1 games for that. ???SURE??? I did it without any hesitation. Some of the games were stinkers, but that is in fact how I obtained Final Fantasy VII, and how my view of gaming changed completely. Thanks dad.


If I remember correctly I think the jogcon works with the Pong remake too.


That’s actually really clever, makes it close to how the old game played!


Do you Euro guys know if there’s a list of all native PAL50 PS1 games, available anywhere?

I’m pretty sure the WipEout series was meant to run just fine at 50hz, like other lesser known titles, such as Alone in The Dark or Gekido.
Specifically, I’m trying to find out whether or not the PAL version of MediEvil/MediEvil 2 is the way to go, or if it’s better to import US copies of both.

Thanks in advance!


Considering WipEout 3: Special Edition is just released in 50hz PAL I prefer to just play all the games like that. I guess a lot of Psygnosis’ titles were made in England so they were probably made to run fine with PAL speed. One can argue that Tomb Raider too follows this case.

It’s difficult to say though as games were made on PC’s where this wasn’t an issue.


Never heard of this one, wow! Looks fun!


Anyone ever play Silent Bomber? This game is freaking sick!