PS3 / Xbox 360 Appreciation and Collecting Thread - Are They Retro Yet?


Fortunately the DLC is very inexpensive. I would have felt a bit miffed at launch but I bought a digital copy for less than £4 so spending 65p for each of the missing levels didn’t sting too much.


According to, there’s about $28.50 in DLCs. Yeah that’s a lot. I haven’t yet started that game but I love the series (I own both the originals on PS2), will I want everything?


99% of the OgXbox library is actually 480p. Even Pal games have the 480p output if they are played on a console with the american bios (the EU bios doesn’t offer the option to select progressive resolutions).

OutRun 2006 is 480p, too.


Play through the whole game first and if you’re left wanting more grab the DLC. I didn’t get any from what I recall and still enjoyed it for what it’s worth.


If you just buy the level DLC it will set you back about a fiver. The rest you can leave alone.


Here’s the few that are 480i only:


Reading through this thread to get a feel for the 360 library. I jumped on the 360 at launch but was so let down by the hardware failures and (what I felt) was a poorer lineup of games and less-than-stellar graphics boost compared to the Xbox that I pretty much skipped out on it after Halo 3.

I love the aesthetic of the 360 and I now have a later-model Fat (Jasper?) version I am planning on formatting a 2TB HDD and stocking up on cheap games. The 6th and 7th gens are goldmines for cheap gems.


You didn’t have an HDTV then?


I finally sold my PS3 Move Sharpshooter set. Move aiming is ridiculous with the Sharpshooter.


Haha, no sir I didn’t! Mass Effect 2 was what broke me on my 20" Sanyo CRT back in the day. I couldn’t read at least 50% of the text!


One of the biggest interests I have is in 360 is shmups. I have Dodonpachi Res on PC, so what would be the next (say top 3) 360-exclusive Shmups? I’m not the biggest fan of bullet-hell but I am getting more and more into shmups of all kinds.

Also, I have a Hori RAP3 stick for PS3, what would be the cheapest solution to convert this to a 360 stick?


For 360, you’d have to get Raiden Fighters Aces. That’s by far my favorite shooter on the 360 that’s still locked to that system. Radiant Silvergun’s 360 port is another that’s only available on there and only through Live Arcade. Neither of those would be considered bullet hell.

After those two, I think you could go with either of Akai Katana or Guwange. I think I prefer the latter, but there’s a lot that’s cool about the former too. Guwange does run on Xbox One. Silvergun does too. Not sure about Raiden Fighters Aces or Akai Katana though.


Absolutely Raiden Fighters Aces. If you can stomach the purchase price Muchi Muchi Pork/ Pink Sweets is great.


Sadly, Raiden Fighter Aces never got out in Europe.


I kinda want to rebuy Army of Two on 360 but I’m pissed they delisted the free SP DLC.


Blue dragon is what made me get a hdtv. The text was so tiny.


I also remember everyone going nuts over the size of the text in Dead Rising on an SDTV.

I actually had an HDTV before getting my 360 a few months later. I remember the first thing I watched in HD on my new TV: a 720p trailer for Spider-Man 3 that I had downloaded. It looked incredible.

First game I played on 360 was Gears of War, and I was absolutely blown away.


When it came to the 360 I didn’t have an HDTV yet so I used my computer monitor with a VGA cable for higher res, and then got a widescreen monitor for it along with PS3.


I had a HDTV very very early back in the Xbox days. So jumping from 480p widescreen to mostly sub-720p HD on Xbox 360 wasn’t that crazy of a leap. Just basically looked like everything had less aliasing and more detail.

Games like Ninja Gaiden and DOA2U were almost comparable to Xbox 360 launch games. Seeing them today, I stand by that assessment in some ways. IQ, lighting, and physics, just got a bit better. But I pretty much felt like the OG Xbox was all there from a gameplay perspective.


That may have been one of the first downloadable (streaming back then was 240p only) 720p trailer EVER, because I remember watching it myself, too :slight_smile: That and The Dark Knight teaser that was released on my birthday in 2007.