PS3 / Xbox 360 Appreciation and Collecting Thread - Are They Retro Yet?


So, I’ve got a 360. And I’m not sure what to do with it now haha

It came with a few disks: PES, FIFA, Battlefield 3, another shooter, and GTA episode something. None of these interest me. I’ve tried BF3 for a few minutes, which was ok but I’m not a fan of the genre on console.

So far I’ve ordered Gears of War, Blue Dragon, Dead Rising. I notice those three are early titles, I suppose they made an impression on me when the console came out as I’ve been wanting to try them since then.

Maybe Army of Two? I’m intrigued by the mechanics.

I have to say, the massive redundancy with PC makes it difficult to justify most purchases. Like I wanted to get Sega Rally Revo, but I found out it was only 30fps on the console. I bought Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, because the PC ports are terrible (1 is good, but has a bug when using a wireless controller)


Some cool 360 games you can’t play anywhere else…

The Outfit - Relic’s third-person action-strategy game is a hoot! Especially fun if you can get a friend to play it with you and learn how it works.
Akai Katana - Cave shooter. Only on 360 I think.
Crackdown (and 2… but the first is the best) - You’ve probably heard of this. Worth playing.
Guilty Gear 2 Overture - It’s not like any other GG game. It’s sort of tower defense, real-time strategy and a fighting game all in one! Definitely worth playing for the uniqueness at least!
Halo - Anything that didn’t make it to other systems. Reach especially is good.
Nier - 360 and PS3 versions are different.
Perfect Dark Zero - The single player playthrough is actually pretty good.
Project Gotham Racing 3 or 4 - Both great exclusive racers.
Raiden Fighters: Aces - Only the best Raiden money can buy IMO. Raiden Fighters Jet kicks so much ass.
Ridge Racer 6 - It’s Ridge Racer!
War Tech: Senko no Ronde - Shooter-Fighting Game mix. You may already know what it is. Very cool.

There are a lot of exclusive Xbox Live Arcade games too, but I’d have to spend some time looking through my console at home for those. I own all the above and they’re some of the better or more unique exclusives IMO. I have an unhealthy infatuation with The Outfit. :smiley:


Your mention of it made me look at launch titles. I want to get King Kong (The PC version was apparently a port of the not-360 Xbox game).

What about Kameo? I remember it got mixed reviews then, but maybe that was because of it being a launch title? How does it fares, outside of the launch hype?

I’ll take a look at the rest, thanks!


I’m not a fan of Kameo, but then again, rare never did it for me.

Xbox 360 has a few games I like:

Best version of Super Meat Boy (the only release with the original music)
Best version of Ninja Gaiden II
Gears of War games,
Viva Piñata
Beautiful Katamari (although this one has most levels locked behind DLC).


I never played Kameo. It just didn’t appeal to me. You’re right that King Kong is different on 360 although I’m not sure how good that is. I forgot all about the Gears of War games! Those are pretty good and definitely at least the first is worth checking out.

So I just tried to get a list of my 360 owned games via Xbox Live Arcade and it looks like there’s no way to do that anymore via a Microsoft site. That sucks. I guess looking at Achievements might work, but that’s not the best option.


I’d add Full Auto* and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter to the list. GRAW is a badass game that doesn’t get enough creds imo (and the PC and “last gen” versions are completely different games).

*While Full Auto 2 on PS3 recycles all the cars and tracks, the single player campaign is completely different, and so are some of the mechanics. Ultimately I tihnk 2 is the better game but both versions have merit.

Re King

I thought so but recently I found out Ubisoft actually sold two versions, one called the “Gamer’s Edition” that supposedly has all the graphical bells and whistle of the X360 version (and that’s the one that is sold digitally). I haven’t looked deeper into the quality of the port though.


I almost mentioned Full Auto. I reviewed the game for Computer Games Magazine and it was a really solid launch window title that I enjoyed. From my review as shown on Metacritic…

Computer Games Magazine


It’s missing the polish of the games from that era, and it eventually succumbs to a samey sameness. But until it reaches that point, it satisfies the need for speed and shotguns. [May 2006, p.92]

I think the “games from that era” referred to the arcade racing games of the past. I’m pretty sure I have the text of all my reviews somewhere. It’s janky, but Full Auto is a good time.

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter was excellent, though. I did play that all the way through IIRC. I played a lot of online with it too. Great stuff.


GRAW was my first console shooter. I had always wanted to get into SOCOM but I never had a ps2 so when GRAW came around I jumped on it and had a ton of fun.


The day MS stopped the Xbox 360 production, the Shenmue community celebrated the 360 as the last console to run a version of Shenmue (Shenmue 2 for OgXbox).
Of course, that was before the remasters’ announcement.


The moment when an Xbox 360 is more

I’ll tell you a secret: OutRun 2006 for OgXbox had a lot more content. Only 480p, tho.


Oh thanks! I have 2006 on PSP but have been waiting for it to hit Xbox One BC before I upgrade there.

Does anyone know why OutRun 2 SP is really expensive in Japan on PS2? I’m guessing it’s not a port of Sumo digital’s 2006 but just the arcade game? I’m mainly interested in the arcade game - the Sumo-crafted adventure stuff is a neat bonus but cool nonetheless.


Outrun 2006 C2C and the home version of Outrun 2 SP are all the same, with slight variations, like Live support on the Xbox version and connectivity on the PlayStation versions between the PSP and PS2 and a few other minor differences. Outrun 2 SP had some name recognition from the arcades in Japan, so I think that is why they went with that name in Japan. For whatever reason, the Xbox version of 2006 in North America and Outrun 2 SP for the PS2 in Japan had stupid low print runs. Outrun 2006 C2C for the Xbox now sells in the $100-$150 range on ebay.


Yeah, OutRun 2 SP PS2 is basically the japanese version of C2C with the PSP-linked content unlocked, and a soundtrack CD included.

The most convenient way to play it today is probably grabbing the PC port, which is very buggy nonetheless.

Back in 2006 I bought C2C Xbox on for 8€. The odd thing is that I remembered that there were a lot of people on Xbox Live with multiplayer games and ghosts, basically everyone who bought it.


Sega Rally Online Arcade XBLA keys can still be found on G2A. I bought one earlier this year. The keys are legit, but the G2A store is sketchy, as in they’re trying very hard to make you subscribe to their subscription service, with tick boxes ticked by default, etc.

GTI Club: Supermini Festa! exists as a disc on the Wii. While only 480p, it has several more tracks, but lacks online multiplayer modes. While it doesn’t replace the PSN release, it’s a good substitute imo. Though nothing replaces playing it in the arcade, with the handbrake on the side haha


If you have an original Xbox or X360, OutRun 2 can be had for a reasonable price. OutRun 2 is also one of those stealth 480p games on the XB.

While both are great games, I actually prefer OutRun 2 over 2006.

  • OutRun 2 has a cleaner looking 480p on XB (this might not matter on the X360)
  • OutRun 2 supports up to 8 players via LAN and online, while only 6 in 2006 (tunneling software)
  • I really like the missions in Challenge Mode and the card collecting feature in OutRun 2
  • OutRun 2 has a single console couch multiplayer mode (pass the controller around)
  • The original OutRun arcade is unlockable and there are also some unlockable tracks from Scud Racer and Daytona USA that are really cool

Now I feel like playing some OutRun 2…lol


Thanks for the OutRun 2006 replies everyone. I definitely want to pick up a better version of OutRun 2/SP, though I think I’ve somewhat been spoiled by the arcade game when I played it to death recently. The handling and drifting is just too good with a proper wheel.

Is it me or are the routes more fun in 2 than SP? I noticed that even the first area has a bend part near the end which forces you to drift in 2, but in SP you can fudge the whole thing without drifting!


I’ll check it out - hoping it received a European release! Wonder if it’s an arcade conversion or its own thing?


It did! Though I only ever saw German copies on eBay. The game itself is multilingual, but the back cover and manual are German only. According to rfgeneration there is at least an English/Spanish version of the packaging, though I never saw it myself. I had to reluctantly get the German release.

The game has the arcade track and cars, and also three other tracks and plenty of other cars and gameplay modes. So it’s the arcade game, but extended.


Ok so I bought a 360 last month, and while I was waiting for it to arrive, I ordered a few games. This is the result.

The only one I’m missing is Blue Dragon, which is lost in limbo somewhere.

My wishlist is now almost exclusively filled with games that are both on Windows and Xbox 360. I’m not sure how to deal with those.


Beautiful Katamari has some serious DLC issues. Half the game is locked behind paywalls. They’re worth the expense if you’re a mega fan but it feels predatory to lock that much content on a full priced game. It’s sort of the worst example of such a practice I’ve seen from a full priced retail game.

But it’s so I bought it all like a chump and had fun anyway :man_shrugging:t2: