What you all doing with the XB1/PS4 consoles?

Curious since most of us here are likely to keep consoles since BC is never 100 percent.

I currently own both PS5 and Series X.

And I own a PS4, original model, and One S and One X.

But my last gen consoles still work, so I’m curious what you all are doing.

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I plan to pick up an Xbox One to catch up on some games. Sold my PS4 long ago.

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I just bought a PS4 yesterday (woo, next gen! lol) so I plan on playing it! My first time ever playing an 8th gen console was last night.

Happy Birthday @matt!


Damn… lucky.

I don’t have an Xbox One, but I do have a PS4 Pro. I plan on keeping it as a machine for VR games and PS4 games that were rendered in SDR (because the PS5 forces them into an unnatural HDR color space and I wouldn’t want to go into the options each time to change that). Plus the PSVR breakout box doesn’t pass through HDMI 2.1, so it doesn’t really belong in the PS5 setup as far as I’m concerned, personally.

Basically, unless a PS4 game runs much better on PS5 with proper HDR settings, I plan on using PS5 for only PS5 games.

It’s the same sort of thing I did with most of my consoles. I usually don’t take advantage of BC and prefer to play them on original hardware unless the OG hardware breaks or something. PS2 to PS1 and then GBC to GB are actually the only BC options I actually take advantage of in my setup.

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I don’t plan on buying next gen consoles anytime soon. I’ll probably get something eventually – usually my reason for getting console games is that the PC version has something wrong (it’s on a weird store, it has denuvo) so we’ll see when that happens.

The thing is I’m not really into PS4/XB1 games in general, feel like games have just moved beyond my interests + I’ve aged and just prefer older stuff that felt more significant when I was younger. What I do like is always available on PC or Switch, and that’s not likely to change for the new consoles. The most use my XB1X gets is for 360 back compat which is already great on XB1X. On top of that the PS4/XB1 games I do own they all run very well on PS4/XB1, they just don’t have framerate issues, and wouldn’t really benefit from running on new consoles.

So my feeling right now is if there’s another game that really peaks my interest that I just don’t want to get on PC I’ll get a cheap XBSS on sale and let the PS4/XB1 systems just be set up for their own games.

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There wasn’t much I played on PS4, but the prospect of PS5 and Series X, for me, seems a lot more exciting. Not sure why. I think seeing them prioritize framerates for the first time in a while is very exciting to me.

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Lucky, but I’d love one of the PVMs you have lol. Their prices are insane rn lol. I think I’m priced out now unless I find a generous deal.

It’s all relative, my friend!

I haven’t checked prices on PVMs in years. I just checked ebay and…

Holy shit. They’re basically extinct now.


The pandemic didn’t help. It’s an indoor hobby so retro stuff exploded.

It’s crazy how in the course of 6 years when I started getting into RGB stuff, we went from grabbing PVMs for under $100, to now paying over a grand for a 20" monitor.

I actually saw a decent deal for 400 around September on Craigslist for a 20" PVM, but I waffled and it was gone. I’m kicking myself lol.

Hey man, it happens to the best of us. I saw a genuine widescreen BVM that did 240p up to 1080i all natively for $300, and waffled on that one. It vanished that same day.

I bought my current 20L5 for around $1,300 just three years ago since it was new in box and people told me I was crazy.

yeah, i may need to bite the bullet. Just the sticker shock is nuts.

I’m still so jealous. Even as someone with a few monitors, all of them are super aged and I would love to experience a new one/would pay that amount in an instant.

Anyway, for the thread. When I get the next systems I’ll probably put my old system back in it’s box and store it with my other unused consoles.

I have a few aged PVMs in storage and, at times, they can outperform the 20L5 in peak brightness and offer a more pleasant image overall. I still stick to the 20L5 since it handles every resolution I want to throw at it, so it’s very convenient. But it’s not my favorite CRT to handle 240p, specifically.

This may sound weird, but it’s almost too razor-sharp. You can see every pixel of resolution so distinctly. It’s almost like upscaling, but not quite. It’s perfect, but were 240p games designed to be played on perfect displays? Nah.

Kinda the same reason I’ve stuck with my aged as fuck bvm-d20f1.

What you said in second paragraph is why I kinda wish I got a few of the more normal/lower TVL sets instead of just aiming for the high ones. Even the PVM I have (pvm 20m4u) is the “higher” version.

God damn going too far off topic.

I traded my base Xbox one and PS4 directly in towards for a series X. I know for sure that all my Xbox games will work with series X(minus the single Kinect game I have). As for PS5 when I eventually get one it’ll handle all my old PS4 games. There was literally no point for me to keep the old consoles and the value was only going to drop so I offloaded them. There aren’t any exclusives for the console’s that aren’t forward compatible like there is for 360/PS3.

I will sell my PS4 Pro sometime next year when I can pick up a PS5. I know I won’t get much for it but I don’t see how it will get any use.

PS4 Pro in particular seems a complete dead end as the PS5 is a much better PS4 pro in terms of enhancements, right?

They never did release an actual small PS4 so kinda sucks there’s no compact option to play those games. Annoying collecting every console when the only options are huge and take up heaps of space (eg original Xbox)

Keeping my PS4 Pro to mod if current firmware ever gets supported.