PS3 / Xbox 360 Appreciation and Collecting Thread - Are They Retro Yet?

Why only 1 thread for 2 systems?

These platforms are just inseparable. It’s really hard to talk about one without the other, there are a huge number of cross platform games, and they are just similar and complementary in so many ways.

So let’s just live in harmony, and talk about fun games from the “HD Era.”

Things to talk about here

Which version of a game is the best. How much you love certain games. How much something disappointed you. A good price. Game recommendations. A recent pickup. And more!

What not to talk about

Why you think this generation is the worst, or how every good game is on PS4 or PC or something. Don’t shitpost! Recognize when a thread isn’t for you, do a 360 degree turn, and walk away.

Also maybe avoid the whole console war thing.

Why now?

These systems are getting old. It’s getting harder to find new PS3/360 games and systems on store shelves, but online there’s a ton of crazy cheap games new and used. Now’s the time to load up, before prices on the better games inevitably rise. But there’s another great reason…

The Looming Online Apocalypse
Some day in the not too distant future, a huge part of these systems is going to go offline forever. DLC, patches, download-only games, and online multiplayer are going to go away. Hell, it’s already happening with stuff getting delisted. I think it’s worth preparing for this eventuality while you still can.

Buy interesting DLC and expansions, and fill your hard drive with download-only games. Pay attention to sales! Get stuff patched while the patches are still available. Maybe even organize multiplayer matches of older 360 games while you still can play them.

Moreover, there are steps you can take to keep your stuff indefinitely. Worried your hard drive will fail some day? Make a full disk backup to your PC, and replace it with an SSD when prices go down. Worried your system will break? Get a newer, more reliable model or better still hack the system and get it set for playing backups. Figure out how to sideload patches onto your 360. Don’t just resign yourself to all this going away.

But they aren’t retro!

What? What are you talking about?

Yeah, yeah they are.

(Jump In.)

I mean… remember Spiderman fonts?

Look at this shit!

And even if you don’t think they’re retro or maybe that they can’t ever be, oh well maybe you’re still interested in picking up, talking about, and playing games from two fantastic platforms.


Gigantic Edition

It’s huge! Earlier ones are backwards compatible with PS2 games but it’s just not worth it; those ones are prone to failure because they run ridiculously hot. If you want to play PS2 games, buy a PS2. Don’t buy this.


Slim-ish, it’s still pretty big especially in depth. Later models run cool and quiet. This is a pretty good choice to pick up.


The sexiest PS3, despite the burger grill on top. Why? Because you never see that shit in your shelf, you just see the slicker PS2-looking front. Plus it’s top-loading, which is just more reliable long run, with a neat sliding mechanism.

Also it has an awesome white variant.

Xbox 360:
Red Ring of Death Edition

This model looks OK but it’s big, most of them run really hot and… you know…

Like it’s hard to look at this thing on your shelf without thinking “it’s going to die.” Later models in this design are probably fine. Probably. But just don’t buy one if you don’t already have it.


Really nice looking redesign, most models run fairly quiet and uh warmish but not really cool. Significantly more reliable than the first revision 360, with a better thought out cooling system. Later models were matte for some reason. Probably the best option to pick up.


Kinda looks like a cheaper model Xbox One, which is probably what they were going for. Inside it’s pretty similar to later model S systems, only with no analog component/vga out and no optical audio. Still, if you’re only doing HDMI this is a good model to get. You can even get them new in store. Today. Like right now. With a copy of Peggle 2. Recommended!

There Is Another…
A lot of the best 360 and PS3 games have been ported to PC or PS4 or Xbox One. A large number of 360 games are also now on XB1 backwards compatibility, some with improved performance. These are some great options to play games from this era, so feel free to talk about that here.



There are a lot of them. Like, a lot. It was the most popular genre of the era, and there’s a really wide breadth of these games on both PS3 and 360. So if that’s your thing you’ve got some options.


Some people think this was the generation where JRPGs died. And they’re wrong, they were all on handheld. But there are quite a few really great JRPGs on PS3 and surprisingly a lot from the early days of 360.

Download Titles
Braid, Flower, Castle Crashers, Mega Man 9, Super Meat Boy, Journey, Pac Man CE DX, and more. Some of the best games of the era were download titles that wouldn’t have had a viable path to market without Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network. I mean, we got a new 8-bit Mega Man game, complete with a fake 1980s box art.

Actually, we got two!

That’s just great.

Cross gen games

There’s a version of MGS5 on PlayStation 3. Like that awesome looking, massive game actually runs on hardware from 2006 and fares pretty well considering. Not impressive enough? There’s a version of Rise of the Tomb Raider on 360. That doesn’t even make sense, but it’s there, and it’s kind of awesome and runs really well.

And more!

Talk about your favorite aspects of the PS3 and 360!


I hated these systems.



PS3 has the definitive Katamari

BTW this board instantly embeds images. Fucking game changer.

Yeah the image handling with being able to upload directly from your machine is fantastic!

The two ps2 games are still the best in the series, and 2 of the best games ever made. They are literally perfect video games. I wish there was just a direct complete remake/upscale of them.

Bought this modded 360 a couple months ago and loaded it with Sega games. It’s mainly for delisted stuff like AB Climax, Japanese games that didn’t make it over like the original Virtual-On, and OG Xbox titles that weren’t officially backwards compatible like Gunvalkyrie. It’s nice! :smiley:

Also bought a Dreamcast twin stick modded to work with the 360. Figured it was worth doing since the 360 has every current Virtual-On game except Marz.


If 11/12 years old isn’t some species of retro, I don’t know what is… glad we’ve finally come to this point. I’m always careful to DL all my PS3 games for PS plus every month. The thing’s going to be a retrosaurus some day.

Recently a friend gave me his modded 360 with 4 controllers but he unfortunately left old batteries in them. The battery contacts are all brittle, rusted and broken.

I’ve ordered new springs and battery doors off ebay. Does anyone have experience fixing them?

Don’t you lose access when your PS+ subscription is done? I assume at some point they’ll totally stop supporting PS+ for PS3.

I cancelled mine because they don’t let you buy-to-keep if you already “have” the game from PS+.

You know, that’s a good point. The thing already has a ton of games on it, and I’m not stopping with the PS+ any time soon… Interesting to see what will happen when they stop supporting the PS3.

Also curious as to what would happen if I never took it online again. Can you play PS+ games without logging in? I never bothered to conduct this experiment.

Each game gets an expiry set to the end of your PS+ subscription unless you renew. After that point it’ll lock you out.

A savvy developer released some homebrew that would disable the drm on vita + allow ps+ games to continue working even if you’re not connected to PSN. Side effect is piracy, though. Probably if the PS3 gets opened up for newer firmwares something similar could happen there.

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I have to say, probably my least favorite generation overall in terms of gaming quality (still lots of classics obviously). But still I have loads of games for every platform and also too many great games to count, but in terms of games, it was such a step back from the PS2/GC era in my mind. On the whole, games got too restrictive. But hey, we got Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls out of it.

I loved this generation. The 360 was the clear Japanese action game winner here, IMO, though over time more and more of its games have been showing up on PC.

It’s so wild that you can boot up a 12 year old console and play regular matches of Virtua Fighter 5 online.

like if you also missed the under defeat physical version

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I played a lot of the best PS3/360 games on PC instead but there were still a good amount of quality games I couldn’t get on PC at the time (some have been ported since): Bayonetta, After Burner Climax, Valkyria Chronicles, Jetpac Refuelled, various guitar games, Vanquish, Lost Odyssey, Deadly Premonition, Omega Five, etc…

My 360 and PS3 are currently disconnected and upstairs, but wont be sold for various reasons. I’ve considered going to a HDTV setup with OSSC so I can have them all hooked up in the game room. Gotta keep the 360 for After Burner and Protect Me Knight.

I decided that I’ll never have the reverence for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that I had for generations prior. I still have my PlayStation 3 (for now) but very recently sold my Xbox 360 and what I would consider to be must have exclusives.

Don’t regret it at all. Probably going to hang onto my PS3 for Demon’s Souls, MGS4 and Catherine for now though.

Edit: Oh and Nier, don’t forget Nier.

I actually have a lot of games for 360 and PS3. Overall, it’s online focus and various business practices makes it not as good as Gen 6 and such, but still a good gen that has more than enough games to last a life time.

Forever has all the stages and music + remixes though. It was also in 1080p… Plus Leah Dizon who I had a crush on in my car days.

Anybody else use their Xbox 360 ona CRT? I do. I use a RGB SCART and play the old classics that support 4:3 on a CRT. Great for backwards compatible games from the OG Xbox and lots of Xbox Live arcade classics.

Sadly there’s also titles like VF2, Fighting Vipers etc. that don’t support 4:3 and run in a 16:9 box on a 4:3 CRT.