PSA: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video will stop Streaming on Wii on Jan 31st

I’m sure some of you won’t care. But I actually really loved watching the SD content on these services using the Wii to stream to a CRT in genuine 480i. I’m not sure if there’s another way to stream this stuff natively in 480i on a CRT. (Maybe the PS3 and Xbox 360 support this?)

I found this out when I went to download Hulu on Wii to watch an old show and discovered the app was no longer available. So I googled and found the article above.

Pour one out one more time for the console that took SD gaming as far as it could go (and then some). I hope I can figure out some other way to stream SD shows to a period accurate screen in the proper resolution.

You know the way…

yar har fiddle dee

Roku Express?

Is that only 480i composite?

1st gen Roku models should still work and have 480p Component output, although they won’t have the newer interfaces of recent models and may be a little buggy. I still have mine at home somewhere. You can get them pretty cheap on ebay. The early 1st Gen Roku HD-XR has the full outputs for composite, s-video and component. Late 1st Gen XD|S has a Component adapter.


My guess is Netflix will still work on a hacked Wii.

Peltz only specified a 480i requirement. Cool about the gen 1 Rokus!