PSone Classic - Smaller = Better


Yep, pretty much, lol.


The latest product from SCE:

‘The Sony MediaTek SOC with 16GB eMMC NAND in a nice box with some controllers - oh and it comes with some demo software installed, delete if you want’


From Walkman, Trinitron, and Playstation to… this fucking thing.


Guys guys. It gets better !

This is a complete dumpster fire but to be clear this is the metadata that is still stored on the console, not the actual games. They are still included in the source code so why did Sony remove them ?


Yeah - looks like that first tweet was removed/updated.


Licensing issues I’m sure.


The list of rejected games is better than what we got!



And still no Wipeout


Boom. Hacked.

You can load your own games.

Recommended to wait until it’s safer and more user friendly.

Good news is that the OpenGL on this thing is much more modern than SNES Mini so the possibility for running GC and Wii games is being investigated.

So maybe a light at the end of the tunnel?


Some more detail about current hacking efforts. Pretty crazy it is already running non-PlayStation software


Welp… this is just about the lowest effort on a hardware project I’ve ever seen from a current major console manufacturer. This is perhaps on par with Sega’s licensed Genesis plug and play hardware (i.e. silly garbage tier).


ATGames! Man those things were a disaster.


It’s worse than Sega’s (and Atari’s) efforts to me.

At least it feels like ATGames tried and failed due to incompetence and a lack of resources (perhaps deliberate corner cutting). Sony is a first party developer and has tons invested in the Playstation brand, and way to much money and talent in the industry to let this thing happen.

They just found a free emulator, found the most convenient hardware that would work, and contracted someone to make a shell (probably already on file somewhere thanks to the community) and assemble it. I know it’s passe to recommend people make a Raspberry Pi box as an alternative, but in this case like never before, that’s almost precisely what Sony did.

The most low-effort classic console I’ve seen based on the marketing and origin. But it’ll probably sell fine just because it’s hyped.


They definitely had to licence the emulator.


Fair point, but they only needed to license it to sell, right? If they were private individuals not looking to mass produce and sell these, they would have been able to use it for free. It just feels like Sony built a Raspberry Pi box and is selling at a markup, and that just irks me. It is much more blatant than other mini-consoles in my view.


I don’t know. Pretty sure it was open source. If so, they may not have needed to purchase a license or even give notice to the owner of the source code depending on their terms.


To be fair, they did need to compensate the video game license holders and produce the controllers too.


Good point. And indeed you’re correct - the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) used by PCSX Rearmed means they didn’t have to talk to the developer at all. I should have checked the Brit making my claim earlier! Sorry :raised_hands:


It just seems like they totally missed what made the Nintendo ones so successful.


At least, unlike Atgames, it appears they made a high quality plastic case, controllers, and the presentation in the box etc. The mimicked the Nintendo approach on hardware and presentation pretty much exactly. Even the UI is kind of in the same realm, using the Home/Memory Card UI (vs the NES/SNES which of course had no firmware so they made a retro-styled front end.

Seems just the software side was lazy.