PSone Classic - Smaller = Better


I understand it but I still think it’s dumb. I don’t see how not including these classics would make people not want to buy the new game since they are so drastically different. A lot of these same games Sony is already selling on psn.


ESC key on a usb keyboard (mine is plugged into the 2nd controller USB) brings you to the emulator menu… dang.


simple scanlines and awful filters included!





I called that as their excuse before the games were even announced and I thought that excuse would be stupid. Single games from each of those series would’ve acted as a demo for the remakes and reboots. Same as what you later described with the NESC/SNESC and the newer Switch games.


Well there’s your scanlines!

But wow, that is really sloppy. What a shit product.


You what now?!


Insane that it’s just some homebrew stuff dropped in a box. Imagine ‘hacking’ by plugging in a USB keyboard, some CSI New York shit right there.


All the steps Sony took to kill hacking on PS3 for so long, and then here comes the PS1 Classic…


Not even CSI Miami… CSI New York lolol



I’m in tears here laughing.




Yikes. What a shame.


Hah! This whole thing is amazing.


Lol wow.


See Bobble’s posts above!


it’s all going off on twitter, live hacking this (half-baked) thing


At this point, it’s no longer the PS Classic. It’s what can you turn this thing into.