Question about the PS1's SCPH-1110 controller


For those not familiar, the scph-1110 (AKA: playstation analog joystick) is the hideous flightstick-looking thing above and the first analog controller for the system. I’ve long wanted to own one, but before I pull the trigger, I’d like to know how many of the supported games allow to flip the sticks, so that basic movement and firing options are on the left one? I’m cross-dominant and I don’t see myself playing this thing cross-armed with how big it is.

Mostly interested in playing Colony Wars and Ace Combat 2/3 with it, but knowing if other supported games can be flipped would be nice. If you have the early “dual analog” with the concave sticks and the green analog light, you can also tell.

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Wow, never saw that thing before. I wonder if it’s any good.

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It’s the reason the Dual Shock has two sticks. When they went to add an analogue stick to match the N64’s breakthrough, they added a second so the Dual Analogue controller could have compatibility with the games made for this.

They accidentally ended up with a next-gen controller in a sense, even though no games used it for the modern set up until after the PS2 was out (Timeslitters and Alien Resurrection in 2000 were the first playstation games to use Goldeneye’s dual analogue invention for FPS)


Been thinking about springing for one of these for DigitalGlider Airman (would replay it) and Power Diggerz (just for kicks).

Worth it?

Would either of those work with dual analogue controller SCPH-1150/1180/1180e? I have on of those.

No idea but I’d assume they’d work?

Came here to say the same thing as matt - would love to play Digital Glider Air Man with this since it’s officially supported and I only ever played it with the D-Pad!

If I understand correctly, are you wondering of the dual analogue controller would essentially emulate the SCPH-1100 analogue joystick’s setup in Digital Glider Airman?

The game seems to officially support both so I guess the question is whether using a dual analogue controller gives you the same controls as the analogue joystick or whether it has its own unique controls and calibration.

I will boot it up later to check. I think I played DigtalGlider Airman with the d-pad too. My memory fails me