Quoting and replies


I think replies are broken. I hit reply, and it does not quote the poster. Then, my post goes to the bottom, and everyone thinks I’m replying to the person directly above.

Do you guys not want to have quotes in the forum?


I think it throws your reply down at the bottom as well as puts your reply nested in to the original comment. I could be wrong through, It’s what I’ve been noticing. It is a bit odd how it chucks your reply down at the bottom as well.


I don’t know why it’s setup this way but you create a traditional quote by highlighting the post and a quote box will show up like this:

MOD EDIT BY BTAILS: Socks beat me to the response. >:)


If you select the text you want to quote, a “Quote” button appears, and clicking it adds it to your reply. Works on mobile too.


I like the reply system. Keeps everything chronological, but also links to the post that’s being replied to.


But you can always see the post being replied to by hitting the replied to post’s avatar.


Ah ok. Sorry for being terrible at the forum.


Nested quotes? How does that work?

[edit] not as well as it could apparently.


Seems to work for me, hit reply, then click the quote button to the left of Bold.


Ok, I was selecting the text to quote.

[edit ]the expand/collapse button shows only for some quotes, I don’t know why.


Is it that it doesn’t nest when you reply to the post directly above you?




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