Real or fake Nes classic

I’m am trying to figure out if this seems real or fake and I thought you guys would be able to help me
here’s the link

It looks real, usually the fake ones have USB ports and not actual Wii controller ports like the official one. There isn’t much to go on there though just 2 pictures.

Honestly you can’t tell by those photos. There are lots of fake ones out there that have the real ports, and they look almost identical.

I would ask if you can open it up, and if they refuse, don’t buy it.

@raskulous you mean like open up the actual console?

Yup. Otherwise you’re never going to know for sure. There are tons of fakes out there, and some are better than others.

To be fair, it’s probably real, but I personally wouldn’t chance it if they refuse to let you open it up.

This is the real PCB:

but wouldn’t it break if you open it?

Only if you damage something inside like a cable. Opening it up carefully should be okay.

I think it’s just 4 screws under the feet of the system. I didn’t realize fakes had started to use the real ports as well.