NES controller feel

So I just got an NES classic edition and I’ve never used an NES controller before. To me, the d-pad seems really stiff and makes my thumb get tired. But I don’t know if that’s the way they are supposed to be. I would appreciate your guy’s input:)

The NES Classic controller feels worse than the real thing. I thought it was an input lag issue at first but then I used the SNES Classic controller on it and it was an improvement. That one doesn’t quite feel super authentic either but at least it controls well.

Depends on your usage, but yes it’s very similar to an OEM original. I had a couple of almost new late gen originals (and some fully new original dogbones) and they are just as stiff.

They ‘soften’ over time from use as the plastic wears and the pads get mushy, and there was some variety in production throughout the lifetime of the system too, so feel varies.

I prefer the stiff feel though, it’s tight with pop and I seem to hit buttons more lightly than most so don’t get sore fingers unless it’s a game with poor inputs when you mash a lot!

I agree that may need to break it in, because I feel like NES D-Pads are actually more on the mushy side. I find them pretty much identical to SNES D-Pads actually. NES dogbones too. They’re all in the same “family” of D-Pads as far as I can tell.

I don’t remember what the classic edition pad feels like though and don’t have it in front of me - but I imagine they will feel similarly after a break in period. Make sure, however, you don’t have a counterfeit version and have the real deal.

If it helps, I can confirm that the NES controllers for the Switch that are purchasable with Nintendo Online have D-Pads that feel nearly identical to the originals.