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Nes/Snes issues are 99% caused by the odd ball sync signal.

Issues with other consoles comes down to how well your TV can handle the uncommon resolutions the ossc outputs. Computer monitors have much better compatibility for this exact reason


My ossc works with everything I own on my TV. I just can’t use it on every console. Some consoles are more compatible. For example, the snes only works in 5x but the Genesis even works in 240p pass through.


i’m seeing an old JVC model TM-200SU around work, assuming it’s functional is that a good set? any idea if it does RGB?

spotted another 14" sony one but i’m pretty sure it’s the one i have


It doesn’t look very good. 500tvl is pretty low considering their consumer TVs went as high as 800 and it only supports svideo.


500 tvl is perfectly good in my opinion. It’s like an arcade monitor.

S-Video is decent on a budget and not terrible if you can’t find anything better. You’ll still have a much better picture than most people.


Yeah I guess there’s two different ways to look at it. The lack of RGB is the nail in the coffin for me in regards to the monitor.

Svideo is fantastic though.


It depends on what you’re coming from. Personally, if it’s in good condition, I’d rather play on a CRT with S-Video than a HDTV with a Framemeister… Especially if you plan on playing any 480i games.

240p is more debatable as far as which will look better depending on how sharp you like your content. But for 480i, it will be no contest. And for 240p, it will look very authentic compared to a razor sharp upscale.

In fact, I remember Mega at one point (when he had like 4 or 5 CRTs hooked up at once) said he preferred N64 on his S-Video monitor over his RGB PVMs because of the lower TV-lines.

A softer image can be very easy on the eyes and just make certain art styles more coherent. And S-Video, while not lossless, still gives a great looking picture that should be free of lossy artifacts, even if it’s slightly less colorful and sharp than RGB/Component.

Both of these pictures look good to me:


This is still the case… I have the same CRTs all hooked up! The N64’s crude AA and blurry signal do not mix well with the high TVL and sharply defined scanlines of Sony’s top monitors. I didn’t remember this at the time, but Phonedork came to the exact same conclusions in one of his videos and said a small, lower end-ish PVM solved his problems with N64 image quality. 480i also looks a lot better on a low TVL CRT… on my JVC it just about looks like 480p/progressive scan.

But this is generally not about S-Video vs RGB --still wish the JVC had RGB and wouldn’t mind having it modded for it-- more about using a 300-600 line monitor, maybe with shadowmask instead of aperture grille. Unless you want strong scanlines I wouldn’t worry about TVL.


This is probably the best explanation. I’ve been debating on whether to hunt for a PVM Monitor and go the Framemeister/OSSC route. But I’m quite content with S-Video to a Samsung LCD flat screen with my Sega Saturn.


It’s worth noting that the ossc does not support svideo!


Noooooooo!!! falls to knees

I’m assuming Svideo is one of those connections that is extinct and being forgotten like VGA connection… :frowning:


My bvm 1911 also doesn’t have an svideo port! Rgb/ypbpr only!

I wouldn’t say svideo is being forgotten it just wasn’t included on the ossc to keep the price low and the way I look at it is, if you’re going down this rabbit hole you may as well just go RGB anyway.


I know, the inevitable is coming. I’m keeping an eye out for a monitor, but some of the prices are nuts.

I have to admit, some of the games running through RGB looks phenomenal.


There’s some consumer TVs that look fantastic and you can find them for next to nothing. It depends on the console but for the most part Svideo-RGB isn’t that big of a bump in quality. Composite - Svideo is by far the most noticeable improvement



thing is, ive that sony RGB PVM and it’s gorgeous but 14" makes it small for my needs. i’m currently using a sony trinotron that’s like 26" or so? and has component to RGB adapter so it’s awesome. i’d only consider switching for a large PVM/BVM (at least 20") that likewise does RGB since i have every classic system either setup or modded for that.

ah well, back to the drawing board! thanks guys.


Is there a reason why you’re looking to switch? Is it too big or does it have issues?

Or do you just prefer a sharper picture?


the trinotron is huge but that works for me - i just like having options, and yeah a bigger PVM (but more portable than this huge CRT) would be neat, is all. plus if possible it’d be a lot easier as a TATE option!


You might be interested in the XM29. It’s a 29" production monitor with support up to 1080i!


Might? I’m sure every person on this board would be interested in the XM29. I wish! But finding, shipping/obtaining and paying for one is another story…


Haha yep. I’ve wanted one for so long :frowning: