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Regarding SDI, this was on the RetroRGB site:
If you own a widescreen BVM with an SDi input, this is a must-have, as it’s a lag-free device that can send your 720p HDMI signal digitally into your BVM:

^That particular ebay listing is sold out but there are a lot more around the site.


Also worth noting for those that have a Framemeister that the FM has a zoom mode that perfectly handles the PSP’s weird TV out aspect ratio. So if all that seemed really annoying it is slightly less annoying if you are using an FM.


@Peltz you may want to consider a hacked pstv.

Here’s mine running FFT:WoTL


I need to read up on all that a hacked pstv can do. I just received two of them a couple weeks ago.


Mines running 3.18(i think) and its been packed away for almost a year so unfortunately I’m way out of the loop on the topic


I kind of want a PSTV to hack, do the whitelist patch, play PSP and PS1 games… but I know I won’t use it much. I got a good deal on a Vita from a Gaffer and have barely touch the thing or the 15~ games in the sale… including P4 Golden, Muramasa, UMvC3, Gravity Rush, Wipeout, Ninja Gaiden and Uncharted. All that despite the convenience of portability! Anddd I have pretty big PS1 and PS2 backlogs I have barely scratched, hence the idea of another TV-tethered Playstation console doesn’t seem like a hot idea.

So yeah… my enjoyment would probably begin and end with setting it up. :neutral_face:


If a hacked PSTV can do scanlines at 240p->720p for PS1 games I really need to get my PSTV out.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


If you’re going to go with a hacked PSTV just make sure you haven’t upgraded to the latest firmware, which is not supported with the latest hacks.


What exactly is the benefit to hacking it? What is different beside maybe having free games. Do you have some control of the aspect ratios or being able to do the speed hack for FFT?


I hacked it soley to run psp cfw and all the benefits that come with that. I’m way out of the loop now but I know there’s new features like being able to use USB drives for storage and changing rendering resolution in games like emulators can do.


PSTV has a really dumb whitelist of games that you can use on it. So you can completely bypass that.

Aside from that you can use either a USB drive or an SD2Vita adapter to use a microSD instead of relying on the stupid expensive Sony memory cards.

Also useful is being able to turn off all DRM including the insane DRM on save games. So I can transfer my Persona 4 Golden save from Vita to PSTV very easily.

On the PSP side you can get full PSP support including all PSP homebrew, or hacks like you mention for fixing the speed in WotL. You also have more control over the scaling of PSP games.


OK that might be worth doing. I haven’t hacked anything since I failed at hacking my Wii. I want to hack my Wii U and now my PSTV. I have a PSP Go and its always asking for some wifi check and it has an older wifi protocol not supported by my router so I constantly have to connect it to my PS3.

The PS4 should be running PS1, PSP and Vita games. I don’t get why Sony doesn’t see the benefit of supporting their back catalog.


Are you using PS+ games on PSP go? That would explain the checking…


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that is the case. I’m not fond of psp games on my 20L5. I wish there were some zooming options. It’s fine on the Framemeister with FBX’s profiles.




FWIW, if you have something locked into 480i like certain Virtual Console games on the Wii and you don’t mind using heavy scanline strength approaching 100% on the OSSC, the end result is, to me, indistinguishable from 240p.

I suspect this would work fine for the 3DO, for example.

Of course, some don’t like using the scanlines or using a high strength so this won’t appeal to them.


Note: This only works in line2x mode!


Totally agree. You need to like the way it looks, but I’m a big fan too of 480i linedoubled with thick scanlines.


Very cool old Sears CRT monitor that does RGB!