Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more

Wow that is cool and way more expensive than I had in mind lol Still it looks like it’d do the job! Thanks :slight_smile:

No kidding. But it will work with all of your systems which is nice.

So I got my OSSC in and everything works well with it except my TG16. I am using the chinese RGB booster you can buy on eBay. Anyone ever get this thing to work with the OSSC?

Now that I have my PVM on my main desk I think I’ll be using it primarily. I’ll still pick up an OSSC eventually just because I like trying out new gear. I agree with most others here that gaming on a CRT does have a certain elusive quality.

Amazing analogy :sunglasses:

MLiG guys are signing up for our site today

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That, is, amazing!

But you’ll get AIDS.

Not if the equipment is on good condition on both sides.

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This is one of the threads I used to go to time and time again. Glad it is back up at this new site.

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Updated the OP with some more resources and a Framemeister FAQ, if some one has an OSSC and can type up something similar please get it to me to add to the OP. I do plan on adding info on CRTs, PVMs, and BVMs I just haven’t had a chance to type anything up. If you have some info you want to make sure gets into that section or you want to write that section let me know!

Sent you a PM @ShinJohnpv ^_-

New OSSC Firmware is out.
Via Marqs on Shmups:

Firmware 0.79 is out with following new additions:

  • Reverse LPF setting
  • DIY latency tester feature

Latency tester feature is interesting. Wonder how that works.

Not sure I’ll update, this time round. I was under the impression the ‘fully adjustable scanlines’ feature would’ve been included.

Since I don’t own an SNES (to take advantage of the reverse LPF setting) and I don’t really see myself using the latency tester for anything substantial, I don’t think I want to wipe out all my profiles yet.

What are reverse LPF settings? My SNES has an issue with my TV. I’d like it to work a hair better so I am interested in what the firmware might bring.

Ha! I figured out how to quote w/o using the " button. Just highlight what you want to quote and hit reply.

Everytime I see a firmware revision my heart skips a bit as I check and hope it says " Fixed all sync issues related to NESrgb and SNES"

Holy shit, I had no idea. That’s cool AF.

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Very handy. One of the features of this forum I like the most. Actually, if you notice, you highlight the text and a button ‘quote’ appears on top of it.

As for reverse LPS, this is what the Wiki says:

Compensates unintended LPF/bleeding caused by sub-optimal video DAC (e.g. 1st rev SNES consoles) or long cables.
0-31: Reverse LPF strength. [default=0]

I was hoping it was for Sync. I have a rgb modded snes and an early model snes but I haven’t used it since I got the new one.