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I misread. I didn’t see “in”


You can use a hdmi-vga converter into the OSSC. I tried it out with my switch @ 480p for fun and it worked fine.


“because reasons…”


I want scanlines on my indie games damnit!


Yep, I use my framemeister as an additional pair of HDMI inputs. You can just use it as a passthrough device with direct mode. I played through all of breath of the wild this way and I didn’t have any problems.


Well shit, ME TOO! I didn’t even think of that. LOL


I recently bought a Saturn, and i have a problem with the OSSC (also recently bought).I’m using a Japanese Saturn (HST-3220) with the included (by the seller) RGB Scart cable.The cable works fine plugged directly into my TV.When connected to the OSSC, the LED is green, and the screen shows 263p/59,82Hz.The problem is that there’s no picture, i only get a black screen (the different output modes as they are displayed on my tv: 720 x 240 (passthrough), 720 x 480 (Linex2), 1280 x 720 (Linex3), 1280 x 960 (Linex4), 1920 x 1080 (Linex5)).I think the cable might be the cause.Is there a recommended RGB Scart cable for the model i’m using (for use with the OSSC)? I’ve seen recommendations for the cables (RGB CSync?) from Retrogamingcables, but they are out of stock.


If your Saturn is the 2nd revision and the cable was used for a Model 1 it won’t work unless it’s sync on Luma. The new rgb cables have the right capacitors. It’s on the My Life in Gaming Saturn episode.


Yeah, this happened to me, not with OSSC, but my PVM.


Thanks for responding.I think that i have a Model 2 Saturn.


Does anyone (not specifically here but in general) still have interest in old DVDO iScan scalers? I know certain models pair well with OSSC for better compatibility with displays. I’ve got a VP20 and 30 at home that I want to get rid of but I’m wondering if there is really a market for these anymore now that the OSSC is readily available.


I think it’s possible to fix your cable to have the right caps on it to get it working again. I’m sure if you take your scart head someone in the know might be able to point out the fix. And if you can’t solder you might be able to get a cellphone repair person to solder it for you. Maybe you live near someone who knows here or can mail it too. Just a thought.


Thanks again.The cable doesn’t work correctly, when it’s connected to the OSSC.I noticed that the cable that connects to the (back of) console has 4 pins.I think that i’ll probably buy a new cable (although the recommended ones are out of stock).On the topic of the OSSC, are there recommended settings for 480p PS2 games? I’m using a PAL PS2 (modded to also play NTSC games).


It isn’t cheap but I have this.

HDfury4S allows you to view HDMI content from your PS4, X1, PS3, X360, Blu-ray player, satellite/cable or internet on all standard 50/60Hz or 100/120Hz displays with either Digital or Analog inputs or both at the same time! If your TV, monitor or projector cannot play HDMI content because it lacks of a HDMI input, HDfury4S can help you to achieve upscale/downscale, scanconvert, transcode and conversion to match any HDMI/DVI-D/YUV(component) or RGBHV(VGA) display’s native resolution! If your TV, monitor or projector can play regular HDMI games and Blu-ray movies then the HDfury4S can still help you to achieve upscale/downscale to match your display native resolution!


The PS2 has a different resolution for many games. Chances are there are going to be tons of optimal settings. Are you buying from the American or the UK seller (Saturn scart cable)?


I would buy the cable from the UK seller, if it was in stock.The first game i tested with 480p support was Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.The output resolution is 720 x 480.Passthrough works fine.Line x2 has issues.
EDIT (14/3) : The Sync On Luma is in stock, but shipping costs almost as much as the cable itself.


Looks like hyrbid scanlines will be a thing on the ossc…


I’m trying to clear out some stuff I rarely use. Given the resurgence of analog CRT’s I’m trying to be more future minded when I get rid of stuff. That said, I think this can go but wanted to get y’all’s input.

Samsung 940bw (CNET specs) LCD monitor. It has VGA and DVI but no HDMI. I’m thinking it’s not the best at analog and it’s not great at digital without an HDMI input (or 720p/1080p resolution). I have an Acer 1080p monitor that is larger and better (don’t recall model number) so I think that can handle anything better than the Samsung.

I’m leaning towards getting rid of it. Any reason I should keep it?


None of these upscalers support blending Genesis style dithering, like composite and the mdapt/gdapt Retroarch shaders, do they? It kinda makes playing Genesis games over RGB a bummer.


That algorithm seems neat, but no nothing has that kind of dither detection going on. You could turn on a low pass filter which will blur things horizontally a bit similar to how composite is horizontally blurry. On the FM there are modes with that on or off, on OSSC there are values you can adjust.

Personally I learned to love dither patterns. I can’t enjoy PS1 games without that full screen dither any more, just doesn’t look right.