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Updated firmware and I’m still getting random sync drops on SNES. Not sure what else to try at this point, it’s really annoying. I get sync drops on my MVS, too, but typically only when there are flashes of white. There is no consistent cause of the drops as far as SNES is concerned.


Pretty normal to have a bunch of unconnected pins. There are 21 and you only need 8… if you saw the red, green, blue, or sync line disconnected that would be a big problem.

Anyway you can probably see why most of us recommend not bothering with the cheap cables especially when you compare what you saw to, for example, what RetroGamingCables UK does:

That on top of the cable itself being of higher quality with better QA.


I had a troublesome SNES with my 4K. Do you have access to the 240p test suite? A sync stripper? Is your TV a Sony?


I have 240p test suite on PCE and Sega CD. Every other system scales perfectly on my TV, a Samsung KS8000. I do have a sync strike, but I’d need to figure out to implement it in my setup to my OSSC and maintain audio.


Weird I’m using a KU7000 which is very similar aside from having a worse panel and my SNES works just fine. I’m using 3X mode for all my 240p systems and if I remember right one of the modes didn’t work with some of my consoles,


So everything that’s supposed to be connected is? I guess it must be a poor connection then. Thanks for the help.

The Retro Gaming Cables head definitely looks way more professional than the nonsense I saw when I opened the cable I had. Hopefully the Retro Access stuff I ordered is pretty good, too. It has a good reputation from what I’ve seen, at least.

If only Retro Gaming Cables’s MSX cable were in stock. I really need a good one of those.


My TV didn’t work until firmware .76 or .77, but has worked fine since. It isn’t actually the TV that’s the issue with the SNES either since I watch the OSSC LED flash orange when it drops the sync. Same with the MVS.


Well, that’s interesting. I grabbed another Genesis model 1 RGB cable from Amazon, it’s labeled as SCART and I was going to wait until I got the correct adapter to try it, but since I opened up that other one yesterday and saw how the pins are connected, I decided to open up this new one… and they’re the same. And since I read that the XRGB-Mini can’t be ruined by connecting the wrong cable since the pins that cause such damage aren’t connected, I went ahead and tried it… sure enough, it works fine. So the seller mislabeled their cable, but it worked out in my favor. At least now I can play Genesis this weekend while I wait for my good cables to come in.


Is there any inexpensive HDMI upscaler?

Basically I’d like to use my old Apple Cinema Display (A1081) with any HDMi devices. But the monitor doesn’t have any scaler circuitry in it, it relies on the connected device to do the scaling.

I’m not into this idea enough to put £XXX down on a Framemeister, but I don’t know of any alternatives. If there’s nothing relatively inexpensive then I’ll just pick up a small additional screen. But I’d rather have a converter box I might find other uses for rather than an extra display taking up space.

Any thoughts?


The OSSC is pretty much the entry level price. Anything cheaper is not worth it.



£160 and ships within a day from the UK.

Absolutely not worth getting anything else.


I would say the old xrgb 3 would be worth while if you could find it less than the cost of an ossc. But my feeling has always been if you cheap out on something you will eventually spend more money later. Might as well save yourself the cost of the half measure. Get the OSSC.


Definitely don’t settle for less than the OSSC or a Framemeister.


Optimal settings for the Gameboy Interface for the ossc. I’m officially going to put my Framemeister away. That was my last hold out. Actually, it’s the pspgo but I kinda want to sell that anyway.


Yeah I’ve been toying about with selling my Framemeister, but with my luck the second I do they’ll run out of their final remaining stock and the prices will skyrocket lol.


The chroma subsampling is due to the YUV2 frame buffer in the gamecube, not the component cables. Amazingly enough if you run at 480p even on the (old style) ULL GBI you should get a cleaner output because the 1 chroma sample for 2 pixels would be sampled from identical pixels.

Personally I don’t really let that bother me, I run it at 240p for scanlines, go to 720p, and have my TV handle the scaling from there. I already have the zoom settings set to correct the 10:11 PAR for PSP go so I just use the same scaling settings for GBI and don’t even bother outputting GBI at 1:1 PAR, just let the scaling take care of it.


Does OSSC have HDMI in and out? I thought not?

Because that’s what I need.


No they don’t have HDMI in at all.

I don’t think the OSSC does what you want it to and honestly I’m pretty sure the framemeister doesn’t scale arbitrary resolution HDMI content to arbitrary resolution HDMI output either.


I should really test this someday with PS3 games.


I read that the framemeister can do this sort of HDMI upscaling. It has a menu option to disable the feature “direct mode”.

I found a thread where somebody has got it working using an HDMI splitter and a HDMI to DVI converter. I’m not sure which one is doing the hard work here though.

Maybe one of those mCable type upscaling cables will work for me?

More thought needed.