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Ugh, 36" Trinitron just went up FS locally, no room for that. Were there 36" that are only 240p/480i? Or is that size only the 240p/480i/480p/720p/1080i WEGA’s?


Yes, 36" was the largest they got before the HD stuff started kicking in.


I have a 35" 480i set but it’s from the 90s. Best bet is to shoot a message and ask the model number or if they can take a pic of the back.

My 35" is 200lbs though, and I rarely play it just because it’s not in a convenient place and it’s so hard to move. Past 32" I feel like the size and weight of CRTs becomes a huge consideration. I recommend finding a very sturdy cart with casters if that fits your home and setup.


Oh wow, I guess I thought it would be a HD-ish for sure. It’s a good deal but I really can’t justify a 36". If I can’t carry it myself it’s kind of a non-starter. 27" is more in my range as I used to move my old 27" JVC D-series around…and I’m not getting any younger, lol.


Yeah, I’ve settled on 27" being the max/sweet spot. Even 32" was too much for me to deal with.


Oh yeah, 24-27" is ideal imo. Most people can still move them without rounding up a posse, and you still get a screen that’s big enough to play at a decent distance away.

I’ve really been wanting a JVC D-series and late model Toshiba lately, they just never come up near me.


I recently grabbed a 32" 800TVL D series and it’s straight up garbage compared to my fv310.


You guys with your 200lb sets. Baller


Hu-whaa? I have a fs320 (not as good as a 310) but I’ve always heard great things about the D-series in comparison to WEGAs. Where does it fall short in your opinion?

I also generally prefer shadow mask over aperture grill. Is the D-series shadow mask?


It’s been a long time since I had my D-series and I wasn’t into CRT AV too much back then. I think I topped out at S-Video even though my set could take YPbPr.

@yesboss (I think?) has one. Sorry if I’m confusing users, I think you have the tate HDTV’s and a couple CRT/PVM’s including a silver D-series.


I believe the D series are shadowmask but I forget.

I haven’t opened either set to do any adjustments and my issues with the D series could just be based on it having more hours on it but to me it loses in every category to the fv310, except geometry. The D series I grabbed is perfect!

One day I’ll crack it open and see if I can get a better picture and do a proper comparison but the fv310 is so far above the D series that I can’t see any level of adjustments making me change my mind.


I mean everyone’s entitled to their own opinion of course, but garbage? FV Leagues better? That’s pretty intense. You’re making the D series sounds like it’s the equivalent of playing on an old and crappy CRT through RF.

I keep an eye out for FV models from time to time. Hopefully I can snag one to compare because something seems off.


It’s like having a 720p generic brand lcd from Walmart beside a 4k OLED. The FV310 being the OLED


Wow, I’m surprised to hear that about the D-series. I love my pro JVC monitors and I feel like they outperform my PVMs every step of the way, but of course that doesn’t necessarily mean anything beyond those particular sets. Now that you mention it, I’ve never had one geometry issue in any of my JVCs, whereas every Sony I’ve picked up has had moderate to severe problems.

I also think Sony WEGAs to be some of the ugliest CRTs from a design perspective, so I was really looking forward to having something that looks more like a normal tube, like the black D-series @Boylamite has been showing off or @cubedojo 's Panasonic GAOO.


A 32” fv310 JUST popped up on Craigslist with stand for $80. Soooo tempted to check it out.


Glad you posted a pic. I still need to set up my cables for my extron. I’ve just been splitting the audio out and running it directly into an audio mixer.



I love that TV. I got it from a dumpster when I was in Korea. Size of the screen and the look of component is awesome. Much more fun to play on then my PVMs. I would say PVMs are a bit overrated simply because they are limited on size. They are fun but are certainly not a centerpiece to a game room. More like amazing for a small corner setup.


Get on that shit !

@Bozo_Cyborg I’ll take some comparison shots one of these days when I get some time. I totally agree on the geometry side though. Every Trinitron I’ve had has been terrible and the D series is perfect as is.


PVMs are definitely overrated. But they are built to last and an industry standard, so that’s why they’re so coveted. You also will never have a bad time playing on a PVM if it’s in good condition - they tend to have a very balanced picture, but shadow mask sets tend to have richer colors in my experience.


Yeah, audio to these pro switches is pretty obtuse. I almost did the same thing and had a separate switch for audio, but the whole reason I got the Crosspoint was to just have one switch to deal with, so I soldiered on. I have very little electronics/DIY experience and it took me 20 minutes to make those two, with most of that being looking up info to clarify the wiring diagram. Once you know what you’re doing, I’m sure they can be done in under 5 minutes.

My only issue now is finding 5-pin phoenix connectors. Everyone wants $2-2.50 each, which seems outrageous for a little connector like that. If anyone has a lead on these for under $1 a piece, I’d much appreciate the info.