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Mother fucker. Where are you located again? Even if you don’t want it if you are closeish I will come collect it. Been looking for one forever and really want the stand as well.


God dammit. It’s a 32hs500. They gave me the wrong model number.


Story of my life every time I see a promising one on Craigslist/LetGo/OfferUp


Y’all mutha fuckas made me do this


I can’t tell the difference from the picture but 2 things.

  1. That is a lot of weight for Ikea furniture
  2. That is a precarious position of your 310.


You wont be able to see a difference from that pic but its actually a durable ass tv stand. Not sure where its from but it’s not IKEA. My 310 is indestructible, I’m not worried about it.

Here’s some better pics. I used a rgb modded snes jr through a component converter and a gamecube running oem component cables. In my opinion the d series is no where near as clear and it’s hard to show over images but the picture is nowhere near as bright or vivid as my 310. Of course all of this could just be use related. Ive adjusted both TVs in the service menu but haven’t done any mechanical adjustments.





some 480i



Here’s a link to the imgur album



Story of my life now seems to be no response to asking for the model number.

Edit: Actually the story of my life is now getting mad at seeing a new wanted ad going up for FV310s. Wonderful.




Oh man, that’s an awesome comparison, thanks! That looks like a slot mask on that JVC, at least it doesn’t look like a straight shadowmask or AG.

In these pics, I’m seeing that the Sony is definitely sharper with more solid, even scanlines (look at that dag gum Smash pic!), plus it’s much brighter. The JVC looks pretty darn good and gives a much more conventional picture (what I think of as conventional at least), which gives me the feels much more than the sterile Sony look. it just has stiff competition!


Glad you liked them ! The jvc gives me huge arcade vibes while the Trinitron is the closest I’ve seen to a BVM. I’ve been thinking of doing an arcade setup at some point if I can’t find myself a candy cab and I think the jvc will be the perfect fit for it



I have extreme envy for both those sticks and that JVC. I refused to comment on it in the other thread because of that. That’s a darn nice setup.


Thanks! Unfortunately the dual sticks is mostly for show because one is stock Saturn and the other is wired for 360/PC so they don’t really play nice together. Kind of a one at a time deal.


That sounds like a good middle ground, but missing out on 2-player stinks! Have you considered modding it for being 2 universal sticks? Is that possible?

Does anyone here play Xbox on a VGA monitor for 480p? Can anyone recommend a component>VGA converter that would work?


Yeah the guts can probably be ripped out and something more Universal installed but I like having one bone stock.


Seriously, what’s the deal with this? I’m now 0-3 this week on getting a response to a question about the model number. I even include comments about being 15 minutes away and able to pick up, etc etc blah blah blah. Nothing. It takes barely a modicum of effort to snap a picture of the back (you already did it on the front) or write down a string of 9 characters. Help me help you!


Someone local has a one chip snes in pretty good shape but I already have a rgb modded mini/Jr. Is it much difference between the two? Also I like the original snes better than the mini (not as much as the EU/jp versions)


From RetroRGB:

If you want a 1-chip in the hopes of a better picture, it’s redundant. Get it if you prefer the form factor/aesthetics.


Just bit on an EDTV CRT, similar or same as one my parents had when I lived at home. Hoping to pick it up this week, and hoping it’ll look as good as I remember!


Remote isn’t the proper remote so can’t make any adjustments yet, but it’s nice and bright and so freakin’ huge compared to my PVMs.