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I approve of your test game! What model did you get ?


I will second the awesomeness of that game for testing.


It’s called a TX-32F250A. I found the manual but there’s virtually nothing else online about it, so I’m gonna make a thread once I do a bit more tweaking and testing, especially since it seems that EDTV CRTs are pretty much non-existent.


Would love to know more about this!

Also, they may be throwing out some server racks at work. What do I need to rackmount a PVM/other monitor? Do I need the specific mounting assembly for them?


Has anyone heard of this new gamecube HD adapter?

I saw it at TMG, and it seemed to produce good results, but it’s really expensive.


It’s the real deal. It’s based off gcvideo like the other dongles


I know it line doubles. I doubt it would do what I would want it to do with 240p content. That reminds me, I need to update my gbi software


How does it do with Game Boy Player content? Does it make things any worse? Better in any way (though I imagine not)?


I don’t have one, but the eon device has received good reviews from RetroRGB and the Retro round table. There was also a My Life in Gaming livestream of Mario Sunshine a while back where Try from MLiG liked the device although preferred the look of 480p lined doubled by the OSSC on a flatscreen. Supposedly the eon has a color space issue but not sure if it’s major.

I’m sure it’s solid with GB player if you run GBI. If you only care about GB on a flatscreen there’s also a GBA to HDMI mod coming soon that looks amazing.


Thanks for the replies, guys. It’s pretty steep in price. I wonder if it’d be better to roll my own with the GC Video.


I’ve finally gotten my old gaming PC back up and running (new HDD and PSU), and got CRT_emudriver working for 240p. I am super stoked to get everything configured but I have one last thing to sort out.

That would be sync. Right now I’m using a T-adapter to combine H and V sync for my PVMs, which I know is not ideal. Is the Extron Rxi series the best/only way to safely combine sync to BNC outputs (for a Crosspoint)? Those units are a little pricey on Ebay and I’m hoping to avoid paying that much for what seems like a pretty simple function.

I’ve seen some circuit diagrams for making your own sync combiner as well, but that’s a little above my skill level at the moment.


Why is a T adapter considered unsafe? I never had to combine those so I’m genuinely just asking out of curiosity.


Without any filter it sends one sync output to another sync output, in addition to the receiver input. Sending anything to an output pin can be damaging to the chip.

Also, the resulting combined sync is non-standard, some monitors may not be able to use it. You need a couple of transistors to make it correct.


Ah. Interesting. Yea that sounds dicey.

This stuff is so fascinating though.


Isn’t it? I’ve come to realize I’m in this just as much for the hardware and learning about electronics as for games.

I figured it was fine for seeing if I could get things working (and it looks glorious), but I don’t want to install this into my main setup until I have a safe solution.

I actually see some models of the Rxi are a lot cheaper than others (the 202Rxi namely), so I’m gonna spring for that I think after looking over the specs some more.


Khaz is correct. Basically it’s like you’re just dumping rum and coke into a glass at the same time. It’ll work and it’ll be a rum and coke but your body may not like it after a while.

I’ve heard strong/off spec sync signals are the reason some super guns fry the gscartsw.

I’ve done this before with my BVM and the results are fantastic but I don’t dare try it on any of my scaler equipment. one day I’ll build a proper sync circuit for it

Scanline porn pic for reference:


Can’t you just add a small voltage drop-down circuit to get it to a safe level? Just need two in-line resistors.


You know, I saw a post where a guy did that and I can’t find it anymore. He ran it through an lm1881 and then dropped it down with a resistor or two. Others say you need a circuit like this:


202Rxi doesn’t have the standard female VGA/DB15 inputs. It has male DB9 which I found kind of annoying to get the cable with the necessary M/F ends. That’s the only reason why it’s cheaper as far as I can tell. The Extron Rxi does indeed generate a proper sync signal and has a few other nice features like sync stripping, picture centering and SERR jumper that can eliminate picture distortion at the top.

Serration pulse switch — This DIP switch-selectable feature adds or strips the serration pulses from the output signal to make it compatible with digital display devices. Use the serration pulse switch if flagging or bending occurs at the top of the video display.


Ahh, I did not catch that. Would I just need one of these DB9 to VGA converters to make the conversion, or a special cable?