Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more


I approve of your test game! What model did you get ?


I will second the awesomeness of that game for testing.


It’s called a TX-32F250A. I found the manual but there’s virtually nothing else online about it, so I’m gonna make a thread once I do a bit more tweaking and testing, especially since it seems that EDTV CRTs are pretty much non-existent.


Would love to know more about this!

Also, they may be throwing out some server racks at work. What do I need to rackmount a PVM/other monitor? Do I need the specific mounting assembly for them?


Has anyone heard of this new gamecube HD adapter?

I saw it at TMG, and it seemed to produce good results, but it’s really expensive.


It’s the real deal. It’s based off gcvideo like the other dongles