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Can anyone recommend me a VGA switch or some kind of splitter? I got a TV with 1 VGA port and I’d like to connect my original Xbox and Dreamcast at the same time. So that when I boot up the Dreamcast or OG Xbox I don’t have to get up to disconnect one VGA cable and slot in another one. Anyone got any advice?


I used to use a kvm switch back in the day for my PC and Dreamcast. Mine required my keyboard to be hooked up. I’m not really up on vga switches I’m just talking about what I used way back when


No worries Kawika :slight_smile: cheers for the advice. I’m looking at some options on Amazon but gotta watch out as some VGA switches/splitters are more for hooking up one device to multiple monitors than multiple devices hooking up to one monitor. Will take a look into it and post my findings here.


Can you convert VGA to BNC and use a BNC matrix switch?


That will work for sure and you can get VGA to BNC cables at monoprice for $5-8.


My CRT ship finally came in, yesterday I scored a Sony 27FV310 on OfferUp for $20. Had to drive about 45 minutes to pick it up, but took the family out to dinner on the way back to keep the peace and (hopefully) distract them a little from my obsession.

Despite taking measurements ahead of time, the slight curve of the speakers wouldn’t allow my cabinet doors to fully close. Doh. :confounded: Had to take a jigsaw to the back of cabinet to cut away some wood that was preventing the TV from being pushed farther back. It was worth the wait and a bit of effort:

To my untrained eye, things look pretty good. I spent a few minutes in the menu making some changes (removing edge enhancement for example) - does anyone have any other setting suggestions or preferred configs for this TV? (Probably not going to dive into the service menu unless I uncover a major issue.)


That is my white whale. Congratulations. That looks amazing




Congrats!! I didn’t think they made 310s at that size. Assumed it was only 32 and 36. I would absolutely LOVE to have one of these. 27 is the ideal size IMO, but I wouldn’t mind having a bigger one at all if I had the room (which I really don’t right now).


I jelly. But now I’ll start looking there as well. I refresh a craigslist search several times a day already hoping for one to pop up.


It’s obviously dependent on where you live, but I’ve had quite a few good finds recently on OfferUp. Definitely worth time checking.


Where do you live @fester. I’m in LA and in the two years of trying Ive only found one 310 27"


I’m in the Chicago suburbs. It took about 4 months of active searching to find one. Most people don’t have a clue about model numbers and I had to sift through a lot of other Trinitron listings in the process. I stopped searching by keyword and started just browsing photos, looking for things that appeared to be a 310 and then asking the owner for more details. (So many people never responded to that.)


Exactly my experience too. Glad I wasn’t alone.


310 crew represent! My bvms sit in a stack while my 310 gets all the love

@fester I spent alot fo time researching and playing with my 310 and here’s a post I made about my findings:

Let me know if you find anything else cool!

unrelated but I bought an oscilloscope. Some fun audio/video work is in my future!


This is a great resource, thanks for sharing it! Going to spend some more time tonight getting things set up just right.


Nice pickup! What game is that?


Journey to Silius, great NES game!


Amusingly enough I came across that page earlier today when trying to find pictures of the back of a fv310 to compare to a listing on offerup. It was surprisingly hard to find a picture of the back of one even with all the people talking about them and posting pictures of the front. The only one I actually found was from the tech manual of the tv.

How bout you go take one now imo.


It would be a pain in the ass for me to take a picture of it. What exactly did you want to know? The back is the same as many other models.