Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more


Na, I don’t actually need to know anything since I got the diagram from the service manual. Just something that I found interesting that like noone has pictures up of online with all the talk and showing off of them there are.


all about dem scanlines, son


Dat ass doe…


I see what you did there


Just found out about this thing. Anybody considering one of these retrotink devices?


Wow… never heard of this! The price is nice too.


It popped up on my Twitter feed as a repost from the MLiG dudes yesterday. It seems like a good option for people who don’t want to invest in s-video or component cables, or those who already have the HD RetroVision cables.


From what I hear the compatibility of the retro tink is amazing. I wish the ossc could say the same thing. I’m sure this thing will slowly mature into a higher end product that has more compatibility than the ossc.


So this basically converts 240p/480i to 480p right?


That’s really all it’s doing and it doesn’t support RGBs or RGBhv input which is a dealer breaker for me


All of y’all just finding out about the RetroTINK should be watching RetroRGB’s weekly videos.


Well, it does component and svideo so that’s fine with me!


Also, if you want RGB, go for the RetroTINK Ultimate since it does RGBHV and RGBs.


Those are all outputs :joy: That’s an add-on for the Rasp Pi


Damn, oh well, there’s always the OSSC, lol. TBH I don’t mess with the Rasp Pi at all so my knowledge is limited on it.


I don’t have the attention span for this :sweat_smile:


But it’s only 30 minutes long!!!=O


I got my scope!

(Model 1 for comparison)


Just finished watching and I’m really impressed. This seems targeted right at someone like me who doesn’t have the time to mod things. While it’s the weakest option, I’m totally fine to plug my CDX into the composite input and get Sega Genesis and Sega CD on my HDTV. I would love that option right now with no lag. That said, I’d definitely go with the HD Retrovision cable when it’s available again too.

Looks like they’re shipping more in about six weeks. I’ve pre-ordered. Will report back when it arrives!


Is there a cheap and simple way to capture screenshots (just a screen, not audio or video) from a ps3 at native resolution? Capture card? I’m woefully ignorant in this realm.