Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more


Capture card is your best bet if you want the native resolution.


New episode is live!


Great episode. Can’t wait for 4K scalers to be a thing. I need my Line 9x.


Looking forward to giving this a watch. Scaling Switch, Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 to 4K are a big concern for me. Are they covered?


Somewhat. Not very in depth but it does have some pointers.


I finished watching the second half of the video. Now there’s a full / limited range RGB mismatch when I connect my laptop to my TV that I can’t unsee lol :anguished:


Knowledge is power… frustrating, cannot-unsee-power.


Yeah, I actually adjusted some of my settings on my 4K due to the video. Not 100% sure I agree but I’m going to give it a shot.


So I got a 4KTV (TCL 49S405) and now that makes the OSSC a much more viable option for me. Now I need a way to use S-Video and composite with it and I just saw a video about the RetroTink 2X… and it seems to be just what I need and what I should get before I get an OSSC. Has anyone here used a RetroTink 2X before?


Just cross posting here…, if you do get a retrotink2x, why would you need the OSSC?


I don’t have an RGB modded NES or N64 and this would be cheaper than getting them modded or getting an FPGA NES. Also I have other stuff that can only use composite or S-Video, like laserdisc and VHS.

Alternatively if my TV upscales well enough and I’m happy with how my S-Video, composite, and HD Retrovision component consoles look I may not even need an OSSC.


Gotcha. Yea this may be a good product for you then. Just don’t expect miracles out of it regarding the image quality on composite. It more or less looks like you’d expect based on footage I’ve seen online.


I would just be using NES over composite and N64 over S-Video. My SNES and Genesis would be RGB through Retrovision.


Just tried connecting my PS2 to my HDTV using component cables. 480i on my W800C TV flickers just like what it does in my Sony Wega CRT. The problem is it’s just too blurry. How sharp can the Framemeister or OSSC make 480i look?


OSSC uses bob-deinterlacing it’s sharp but you get flickering still, a bonus is that it doesn’t add any lag. Framemeister, from what I’ve read, is the deinterlace champ but comes at the cost of a frame? of lag, doesn’t flicker like the OSSC.


Did you try setting the output to Line4X especially with upsample2x on? I find that helps a lot.

For 480i I usually need to sit back and just get used to it. It’s the one mode that doesn’t look good up close but at a normal viewing distance my mind sorta blends everything together better.


Looks like there is a new challenger in the GameCube HDMI Out Wars. This one is supposed to be sub-$90 and has an actual connector, so I think it may be the winner.


Yeah, I jumped on an EON and and just finally hooked it up over the weekend. I haven’t spent much time tweaking things but I’m not 100% on how it looks at the moment.


So i need cable management


SCART selector yea. That would tidy things up.

Bandridge one may be a good choice since you only have 5 cables there.