Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more


Yep, there it is. No surprise there.


I personally still don’t think the base Polymega (provided it can run all of the CD-based console emulators that it claims to, proficiently) is a bad proposition. The interface looks interesting, and I really like that it focuses on a group of consoles that haven’t already been targeted since their initial console release.

I will concede that if one does choose to go this route over a DIY solution, they are sacrificing arguably the core benefit.




The greatest article ever produced.

We had friends over at one point and the wife said to her husband " oh look at all those old consoles, why Don’t we have any of ours hooked up?" and his reply was " because we have a retropie and it’s better"

I almost jazzy jeffed him out the door lol


Hard Drive News is the gift that keeps on giving.


HAHAHAHA! I needed that laugh this morning.


Lmaoooo. He’s just misinformed socks. Maybe he’s used to playing his old consoles on an HD set using composite or RF. The input lag plus horrible image quality in that case would be far worse than emulation over HDMI imo


That article is a classic!


Hilarious article. So true.



And the dude in the picture just looks like a perfectly smug preppie-ass pick.


Hmmm they apologized and that footage looks pretty good. Guess it’s looking more promising


For a software emulation box with unproven controller ergonomics it’s way too rich for me. Even before the worldwide shipping.

I was into when it involved an FPGA that would (probably) be expandable and reprogrammable. That kind of “future-proof”, multi-platform, one-box solution would be very welcome.


Visiting family in the LA area, always check craigslist for PVM’s. It was pretty dead this past Christmas but there’s several 20L5’s on there now, too bad shipping them would kill me. They’re also going for ~$1000, which sadly seems about market value.


Yeah on my next windfall I may end up getting a 20L5 here in LA. They won’t be getting cheaper, that’s for sure. Gotta replace my imperfect 20M4U and would like a CRT that does 480p for my Dreamcast.


If you are in LA don’t bother with Craiglist. PM me and I will give you the number of the Sony pvm tech. He always has good monitors.


Anyone got a similar hookup in the Northern VA area? Please? :c


Good to know, unfortunately I always fly down so shipping probably isn’t worth it. I also just like to look. I have a 1954Q, it’s not top of the line but has served me well the last couple years.


I have been dying for a multi-scan capable monitor for years and I just think I missed the boat on anything remotely affordable. I live in a pretty rural area so I consider myself very lucky in finding the monitors I have.



I’m having trouble getting good 480p out of my PS2 SCPH-70003 (slim V12). I see the top right corner of the image squashed into the bottom left corner of my display (TV/projector)

However, using the same multi-console component cable my Wii displays 480p perfectly on the same TV (Philips 20PF4121) and projector (Epson EB1751)

I also tried a second dedicated component cable on my PS2 and results were the same.

Any ideas?