Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more


I just got an e-mail for a shipping label created for my order of the RetroTINK-2X. :astonished:


Nice! Were you one of the early ones to preorder? I thought they were going to ship out mid-November.


I pre-ordered direct from Mike when the first video came out about the device. I guess I might’ve been in the first group?

The device is perfect for me. I really want to play my composite consoles in the living room easily and I’m not going to be too fussy about the image quality right now. Maybe I’ll move up to an OSSC eventually, but for the price the RetroTINK-2x is perfect for me. It was an easy order.


Which consoles specifically? You know the device supports S-Video and component too. A lot of consoles can take advantage of that right out of the box, or with a conversion from RGB.

I’m glad to see a device come out that fills this niche. A lot of people think the OSSC and Framemeister is too big of an investment (and in the case of the latter, justifiably so in my opinion).

Sure, this isn’t as clean of an upscale. But I kind of like the soft look.


I do know it supports the S-Video and Component and I would take advantage of S-Video or component with those that have it natively or if I buy cables to support it, etc. I just love that it’s possible for me to use anything pre-HDMI on the HDMI TV in the living room.

The systems that will get the most use are the Sega CDX for Genesis and Sega CD, the Neo Geo, N64, NES and the Saturn. I have both Neo AES and CD so both of those. Dreamcast I can always use VGA since I have a Blaze box for that. I have a Super Nt so SNES was already covered.

I don’t mind the softer look and I know I’ll get some color bleed in there, but realistically this is as easy as it gets and for me that’s valuable.


I think that’s great. Not everything has to have that sharp RGB look. Composite may have it’s faults and flaws but there are some redeeming qualities to it, such as the softening of Genesis’s dithering for transparency. Retrotink 2x will be great to get that look upscaled neatly (lol) on to modern screens. I’ve got one on preorder as well but I’ll probably only get mine sometime in December. Looking forward to tinkering with it, especially with my AV Famicom, my one console that doesn’t support RGB.


Looks like I’ll have it Monday. I hope to have time to mess with it so I will of course report in for those interested. Since I have a CDX, it’ll be super easy to try it with Sega Genesis and Sega CD without too much messing around with the living room setup.

Convenience is the best part IMO. I’ll improve the picture quality over time by securing better cables and/or mods.


So now that I know the RetroTINK-2x is arriving and probably today, I’ve started thinking about Component output for my consoles. I have a Sega CDX and a Neo Geo AES that I plan to use with the device. I think this is the cable I want?

Those things are pricey, but I’ll probably do it after I set aside the dough for the pre-order. I see that HDRetrovision is kinda offline for sales at the moment. Are there other options?


I use scart/RGBs for all my consoles and then I run it through a scart-component converter when I need component.


Anyone have any opinions or experience with this?

Or is it fairly new? I’d rather wait for Dreamcast Component cables, but it would be nice to move my DC to the living room.


Never heard of it. Generally speaking I’ve not had good success with HDMI devices that are modless or aren’t a scaler. It might work in a pinch but there is no help for someone like me.


Is it different to the recent POUND cable?


Im not sure to be honest. Just started looking back into easy - advanced Dreamcast display methods besides VGA again.


Disappointing results from the PS1/PS2 cable.


It seems good for PS1 games.